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  1. And one thing more... do i need the basic life support and IV TRAINING certificates as a requirements in the hospitals in dubai?
  2. Goodday to everyone I have some question and plz feel free to answer it because it will reaaly help me... I am a newly graduate who passed the Nursing Licensure Board Examination last May 2014 with NO hospital employment. My mom who is in dubai recently helping me to go back to dubai to seek job as a nurse. I would like to ask of there is any hospitals who might be hiring nurses like me with no hospital employment experience. And what if i will take DHA exam, will i need to get hospital employment 1st or will it be ok to get the exam with the experience? I am looking forward to be in dubai within this september or november of this year. So please anyone who can clear my mind regarding the issues i am having. Because its really hard to be employeed here in philippines without any experience.so i am hoping to get employed in dubai. Thank you and GODBLESS!