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  1. hawkfan0511

    Admitting a Patient

    I am a newer nurse on a med surge unit. When I call a doctor for orders when admitting a patient I never ask everything I should. Does anyone have a list that they use as a reference??? Thanks.
  2. hawkfan0511

    Pearson vue trick

    I took my nursing boards on Tuesday. The computer shut off at 75 questions. I raced home and tried to re register so I could see if I got to the dreaded credit card screen, and I did. I was devastated. With the fact that it shut off so early with the minimum questions I thought for sure I failed. I tried to even pull up my license. I had lost all hope until today at 1:00 when I got an email from Indiana State Board congratulating me on passing! So this pearson vue trick does NOT always work!