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  1. rokksteady

    Colorado to Eugene, OR?

    I have 4.5 experience as an RN (2 years corrections, and the rest in critical care) and a $20,000 relocation bonus to a hospital in Eugene, OR caught my eye. I'm currently working in a small ICU in southern CO and feel like I need a change. I've pretty much maxed out on all the skills our unit has to offer- we get maybe 1 swan line every other month and a balloon pump twice a year. I'm definitely proficient with unstable vents, sedation, pressors, codes, and have been charge, but I feel like there's no more room to grow. That coupled with a change in management, it feels like an opportune time to see what else is out there. I believe the hospital is Peace Health Riverbend and I just spoke to a talent scout who passed my info onto a recruiter. Has anyone worked in their ICU? Any word on how things are there, re: pay, benefits and training? How's living in Oregon? Thanks in advance!
  2. rokksteady

    Integrity Interview?

    I'm a BSN new grad that's interviewing for a position with the DOC next week. My dream is to be an ER nurse, but hospital jobs are hard to come by in my area and I don't mind an adventure before I commit to a specialty. I've been reading through some posts, but I was hoping some experienced correctional nurses could answer some questions for me! They scheduled me for an Integrity Interview next week. It's with the background investigation dept, which makes me think it's more likely a polygraph test than a traditional interview. Any tips on making this go more smoothly? I know there are mixed feelings on new grads starting in corrections, but if I get this position, I'm committed on making it work for a year or two. What would be the best type of facility to go to for the best experience? I was aiming for the main facility that does all intakes and admissions, but was told a large, more rural facility might have something to offer too. Finally, has anyone ever had problems getting out of correctional nursing when the time came? I've heard some hospitals don't consider it acute care experience, or think that's where all the "bad nurses" go. I'd love to hear your success (or cautionary!) stories.
  3. rokksteady

    Should I start in corrections?

    Thank you! Unfortunately I had to reschedule my interview due to a bad case of food poisoning, but I'm excited to see where this could take me!
  4. rokksteady

    Should I start in corrections?

    I graduated in May with my BSN and a dream of being an ER nurse, but my state's horrible job market is making me realize that I might have to settle for something else so I can at least pay my student loans. I've applied to numerous ERs, ICUs, and med-surg positions with little luck. I keep getting told that by recruiters and nurses that they like my resume and would like to take a chance on me, but unfortunately most hospitals just don't have the money to hire new grads right now and really need experienced nurses. Most of my graduating class is working home health/public health/nursing homes or going back to school for their masters. I have an interview for a corrections nursing position next week and was told by a friend that previously worked for them that I was pretty much guaranteed the position since they're so short on nurses. The pay is comparable to (or better than) night shift hospital pay and the benefits are awesome. I was told by a recruiter that I would pretty much have my choice of facilities too- I'd shoot for the facility that does the most intakes and has an on-site infirmary, that also happens to be in the same city as the major Level I trauma centers for networking purposes. But will I be "stuck" working corrections for the rest of my career? Or do y'all think I could apply to ERs (or even med-surg) floors in a year or two and be seriously considered? Is this even a good environment for a new-grad?
  5. rokksteady

    When to call?

    I updated my application and resume to reflect my ACLS certification and left the recruiter a voicemail letting her know and that I'm still very excited for this opportunity. Maybe send an email in a week if I don't hear anything? All my previous jobs while in school in the service industry and retail I pretty much got hired on the spot when I went to drop off an application so this interviewing and following up process is new to me! Thank you for the advice everyone!
  6. rokksteady

    When to call?

    I'm a new grad RN who graduated in May and passed my NCLEX last month. I had a phone interview with my dream hospital last Monday for a step down ICU position. I felt like it went really well and the recruiter told me she would be passing my information onto the unit hiring managers. She also told me I would need to have ACLS completed by the time I was hired, if they chose me. I forgot to ask when I could expect to hear from their managers. I did send the recruiter a quick thank you email the next day, but I'm sitting here in limbo wondering whether or not I should follow up yet or not. I did get my ACLS certification yesterday and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to call and let them know I'm official and ready to work, or if that's a bad idea? I don't want to come off as a pest, but this is one of the only critical care job leads I've been able to land as a new grad and I don't want to let it go!

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