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  1. SoCalJulia

    Review centers vs Self review

    I would first recommend that you try on ur own by devoting so many hours a day to study and see how it goes. If you buy the review books and you don't get much wrong or you understand there explanations than it would be a huge waste of money to go to a review center. But if you find a lot confusing or you realize it's over ur head than a review may be a good idea. Best of luck!!
  2. SoCalJulia

    Accelerated Courses in the SoCal Area

    Tasha how do I read ur pm?? Sorry I'm new!! Sonia I looked at the local CCs. Most of them don't do weekends and they all are waitlisted!! I can't even take 1 course their let alone 3 or 4! I've been outta school for so long that I'm scared of taking an extension course from UCLA where the instructors could be really tough and it's costly! Plus commuting all the way over their is a nightmare! Traffic on the 405!! I'd rather have a refresher course first preferbly from an unaccredited school since it's way cheaper. I've heard that if they plan to become accredited they try really hard to be as good as possible and they usually have small classes so you can get a lot of instructor help!! I also heard that some of the accrediting agencies will let the courses count as accredited even if you took the classes before the school was. I might get lucky then!!
  3. SoCalJulia

    Accelerated Courses in the SoCal Area

    I went to tour a campus of a university that I want to get my BSN from and they said that they don't like there applicants to take online courses. I think its a lot easier for me at least to learn when there's an instructor helping me along the way!! I'm no good at learning on my own. I get confused real easy & need someone that I can ask right away for help!!
  4. SoCalJulia

    Accelerated Courses in the SoCal Area

    Thank you for your response!! The problem with regular classes is that I can't quit my job since I have to take care of my fam & pay the bills so I can't take the regular fall spring semester courses. I can only do classes during nights and Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. Hi, everyone! ::Waves::I just joined the forum because it looks like there is a lot of great information on here! I've been out of school for a while and I'd like to take accelerated courses so I can change careers and become a nurse. I looked for an accelerated program in the SoCal area and I found ISP Integrated Science Program at SCUHS but the courses are way too expensive! I can afford to take like 1 or maybe 2. I'm even willing to take unaccredited courses since they can help me prepare for the teas or let me than get credit by taking a ap or clep exam. Does anyone know of any cheaper accelerated courses like chem, bio, micro, a&p, psych that you don't have to wait forever to get in to?? Thanks for any help!!
  6. SoCalJulia

    Is my GPA competitive enough?

    The problem with SoCal is that all of the schools have really long waiting lists! Your GPA isn't bad though. If you have some solid rec. letters & a great statement of purpose (and a high teas score) you might get into one of the CSUs.