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  1. emf1996

    Parkland Summer 2019

    I applied to the ICU and NICU residency programs!
  2. emf1996

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    No interview type questions! The only question they asked was what day/time would be good for the interview!
  3. emf1996

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    I just got my call! I have an in person interview for the critical care track!
  4. emf1996

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    It took about a week to get a confirmation on them receiving my transcript, resume, essay and LOR 1. I am waiting for the second confirmation for my second recommendation.
  5. emf1996

    UTSW July 2019 Nurse Residency

    I applied for the NICU and L&D track for the July 2019 session. I have not heard anything back yet!
  6. emf1996

    Shadowing a nurse or practioner

    Hi, I'm a senior in high school and at my school we have a year round project called the Senior High School Project. This project allows us to either learn how to do something such as an instrument, shadow people in all different fields of work or set up tournaments to raise money for a charity. This project is required for students going on the distinguished plan for graduation, like I choose to do so. The project is suppose to be interesting and fun for students as well as a learning step for us. I would like to shadow a nurse or doctor in the NICU because I want to major in biology and go on to medical school, or major in pre-nursing to become a NICU nurse. I think shadowing a NICU nurse or doctor would be a great learning step for me, to dip my feet in the water of the medical field and being able to do hands on things, to see if this is a job that I truly see myself doing. I love working with children and for the last two years I've wanted to going down the path to becoming apart of the NICU department to help save lives of newborns. If anyone knows of any doctors or nursing who are interested in doing this or a hospital in the Dallas area (preferably) that might be willing to help me, please comment below! Thanks(: