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  1. aname

    How to shadow a nurse

    Thanks. Does the shadow literally follow the nurse around all day? Is there any interaction with/ talking to patients. Anything the shadow cannot be present for? Seems like he/she would get in the way of the nurse working. Also, is there a specific specialty that you think would be most beneficial to shadow?
  2. aname

    Dirty bed sheets/RN/CNA/UAP/CP

    I think this is what OP was getting at. I learned this is my nursing assistant class. Is not flapping the sheets a guideline that's not normally followed?
  3. aname

    How to shadow a nurse

    I've seen a lot of recommendations on here for those interested in becoming a nurse to shadow a shift first. 1) I'm surprised this would be allowed due to HIPAA/patient privacy concerns. Is this common where you work? 2) How would I go about setting this up? Start by calling the main hospital number?
  4. aname

    New Nurse Rocking it!

    Awesome job! What a great feeling
  5. aname

    "Male" nurse? Le sigh.

    I get called a female engineer all the time. Although it is annoying and potentially harms the work environment, it does have advantages. Ex- more likely to get hired to promote "diversity"
  6. Kind of a silly question, but I've been wondering for some time now. do you have enough time, is there a rule preventing it, do you try to limit fluid intake because you don't have enough time to go to the bathroom?
  7. aname

    PRN hospital job for new CNA?

    I live in the bay area, and the nearest hospital to me in that system is 50 miles away unfortunately. Sounds like you have a great set up though, and thanks for the suggestion!
  8. aname

    PRN hospital job for new CNA?

    I tried to send you a response but I can't PM yet :-(
  9. aname

    PRN hospital job for new CNA?

    Thanks! I will look into the home care agency. Does the 6 months in long term care need to be full time?
  10. aname

    PRN hospital job for new CNA?

    I am becoming a CNA in a few months and am wondering what types of jobs I have a chance of getting after I get my certification. This is in California if that matters. I am getting my CNA certification because I am considering going to school to be an RN someday, and I have read that being a CNA can (somewhat) give you an idea of what being a nurse is like. I don't want to go back to school only to find out that I don't like being an RN! I am currently working full time as a software engineer and have no plans to quit my job. How easy will it be to get PRN work right after I get my certification? I have been looking at job postings in the area and not all of them require prior experience, but I want to know what the likelihood of securing a PRN position with no experience is. Also, what is the likelihood I would be able to get this job in a hospital vs. long term care facility?
  11. aname

    School in/around Austin: schedules?

    I'd be interested in the answer to this, too.
  12. aname

    pediatric clinicals

    I was recently advised that in order to get a position in a children's hospital, you really need to have a good pediatric clinical in school. As in, a clinical on a floor or hospital specifically for children and not mixed with the labor and delivery clinical. How true this is? Where are the pediatric clinicals for Texas State nursing school and other Austin area schools, and are they mixed with labor and delivery?