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  1. CASinAustin

    Temple College 2016 LVN or ADN

    Hi guys! Quick question. I have already taken AP 1 and AP 2. Will this count instead of the Intro to Anatomy class they are listing as a pre req for LVN at Temple College? I know at ACC it does. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. CASinAustin

    Temple College 2015

    Hi guys! I will be applying to the LVN and RN program for next year. I had a few questions I could not find on the website. 1. I have taken AP 1 and AP II. ( As well as a lot of other co-reqs) Do I still need to take the Intro to A&P course for LVN or would they count my AP 1 and 2 as a point? 2. I read that you can only take the HESI once per application. Does this mean I can take it once in November for the LVN app and then maybe again in March for the RN app? 3. Do you know if they have accepted LVN applicants without either class taken? Or just one? Not sure if that would count me out completely. 4. Does Temple allow online classes for either of the two LVN pre reqs? ( Intro to AP and the Comp class. ) Any help would be awesome! Thank you!
  3. Any current students or prospective students: I was planning on taking my 3 Pre-Reqs online before applying for Fall 2015. Does anyone know if this is okay to do? Thanks in advance!
  4. CASinAustin

    Galen San Antonio

    Was hoping to start a new thread about recent experiences at Galen in San Antonio! I am considering starting the Lvn day program in the next few months, and ultimately the LVN-RN program after. I am debating on this route.. or taking my 3 pre reqs and applying to Baptist. I have no nursing experience thus far. I am anxious to get started. I have a few pre reqs from my B.A that will most likely transfer in. I am already aware of the cost of both schools. Just looking to hear from any current students at Galen.. and whether or not they feel like they have made a good decision attending the school? Pros.. Cons.. any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  5. CASinAustin

    Advice.. Just starting out.

    Thanks for the welcome! I am excited to be on here! Yes.. I agree, Pre-Reqs are definitely beneficial, especially those pertaining to science. I plan to take: Anat/Phys 1 and 2, Intro to Psych, Microbiology- and hope to complete within a year. (fall/spring/possibly summer semester.) These all seem to be standard for acceptance into most programs. The accelerated BSN programs and the Austin Community college are wanting an additional 20 hours on top of these. ( biology 1/2, chem 1/2, statistics, algebra, psych 2314 ) While I understand pre-reqs are beneficial, I am just trying to weigh all options. Becoming an ADN-RN in 3 to 3.5 years sounds reasonable. Taking 4-5 years to complete seems very long for me, personally. Decisions.. decisions.. :)
  6. CASinAustin

    Advice.. Just starting out.

    Hi guys! This is my first post. I am a 32 yr old female living in Austin Tx. I am self-employed (a wedding photographer) and have decided that I want to pursue an ADN-RN as a second career. I have a bachelors from 10 yrs ago, but am finding that very few of my classes will be beneficial for transfer. (I have B.A.. hardly any science/math taken) I have done tons of research on schools in the area, and have unfortunately found the following: the community college and universities in the austin area require a TON of pre-reqs, at least 15 hours or more. I have found 0 private schools in Austin for nursing. I looked into an accelerated BSN.. but same thing.. TON, even more, pre-reqs. There are several accredited private nursing schools in San Antonio and I found that the Baptist School of Health Professions in SA will probably be my best option. (Least amount of pre-reqs, accredited, 80 week program, my fam lives in SA) I also found Galen school of nursing, but it is a LVN to RN program that is longer. Trying to avoid LVN, and get straight to RN. So my questions are: Anyone else in Austin in the same boat? Does anyone commute to SA for schooling? Is there a school I am missing in Austin or SA? If you attend BSHP.. how do you like it? I hear the job placement at a Baptist hospital in SA is promising after you graduate from there. The problem is, ideally, I'd like to work in Austin. (Love it here!) Also.. a pre-req question. Anyone know of an online Microbiology class that does NOT require Chem 1405 first? Never took Chem in college, and its not a pre req for BSHP, so trying to avoid taking it. Thanks for any input or opinions on any of this!