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  1. Berng720

    Club LPN / Fall '05

    Hello to everyone... I just thought I would introduce myself since I'm new... I was a RN student years ago. But, due to my Mothers CAncer I had to take a break.. now, I am thinking about starting the LPN program here in Pa. I really liked the one I was in in NY but, because of how far ahead I was in the RN program I was asked to either test out or come back only once a week.. which was silly so, I moved back to this area (PA) & now that I would have to wait till next fall to enter the regular Rn program at Penn STate I'm thinking of just going for my LPn first then finishing up my RN.. I have so many friends that have done this in the end that I would end up having the same teachers they had & they loved the program.. they actally all work at the same nursing home as well!! so, I hope you don' t mind if I peep in once and a while to see how you are doing & to let you know when I get to take my entrance exam.. the program doesn't start till March 06.. missed the cutoff for the august class which is ok since I was not ready yet anyways... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! AND I hope to talk to you soon B
  2. Berng720

    Ethics Issue: Would you report cheating

    I agree, I wouldn't say anything unless your sure about it.. I've learned from past classes (even in my nursing 101 class) that there are alot of 'cheaters' out there & its ashame...but, a 'friend' once did find a classmate cheating so bad (wore a skirt & had the answers on her leg!!) when she told our instructor the about it she was told "why didn't you raise your hand or come up front during the test to tell me!!" then was considered a 'snitch' which I felt so bad for her because instead of being considered a good samaritan it was turned around on 'her'... that's why now I mind my own business unless the instructor can be trusted & really does want to weed out the bad seeds. the instructor told the 'cheater' who told on her & because she didn't get a 100% on her test nothing was done!! go figure..
  3. Berng720

    Useful sites for pre-nursing AND nursing students

    thank you Smiles!!! I actually called Penn State & spoke with admissions & the registrars office. My credits are still valid. The are supposed to be indefinate but, if for some reason they tell me otherwise I will test out if necc. I don't want to loose my GPA its a 3.85 and I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but, I was nominated for the Honors Program at our campus for Penn STate so, if push came to shove I would request to speak with the dean & explain my situation. Not sure if that would even be neccessary so I'm going to call again on Monday to make sure my Sciences are ok as well. I do know that at the local community college there is only a 5yr grace period to use them or you have to re-take them... I am going to enroll in the certification class so that before I go back I can at least make more money as a nurses aide. Which stinks because I should have been grandfathered years ago but for some reason in Pa when I was a nursing student before I didn't need to be certified... but, that doesn't help me now... & once that's done I can work at the hospital hopefully... I want to get as much help with my tuition as possible.. I'm already up to 24,000. in student loans... I better finish my nursing degree with all the money I OWE!! thanks again for your help Smiles!! take care B :kiss
  4. Berng720

    Useful sites for pre-nursing AND nursing students

    Hi everyone... although I'm not exactly new to the medical field I am new here... after reading some topics I wanted to ask if anyone from Pa would happen to know how long any pre-reqs are good for?? I have already taken all my classes for my nursing degree years ago. But, when my Mother was sick with Lung Cancer I had to put school on hold... I'm worried because the classes are from 98-2000 I think I will be sick if all my hard work is shot down the drain.. I had 4.0 in my A& P classes.... all my sciences are completed & everything but if you now need a language are finished!...can someone let me know if they are in school in Pa... thanks in advance for all your help. Bernadette