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  1. meenaabraham

    US- RN planning to transfer to Canada

    Dear friends ,its a really good news for all those who passed NCLEX and waiting to go to Canada. Really thanks a billion times to our almighty god. So now our next target is to just get through the IELTS with very high score for all tests. Let us start from today. Good luck for all of you. Meena
  2. meenaabraham

    US- RN planning to transfer to Canada

    HAI ,when they change the rule for NCLEX RN which can be endorsed to Canada board of nursing from US board, will there be any chance to reduce the score level of IELTS to US standard of S-7 and overall 6.5?any insights?
  3. meenaabraham

    Reciprocity of US RN and Canada RN in 2015

    Hai,If they do not lower the IELTS score level then what is the difference between CRNE and NCLEX RN? The NCLEX RN exam questions are from the same theory and you have to prepare well for both the exams in the same manner. If US nurses can work with RN which required only S 7 in IELTS and still working without any problem in the hospital what is the difference in Canada where you should have all very high scores in IELTS than US?Any way waiting to hear something good.MEENA
  4. Hai every body, if nursing board in Canada agrees for the practice of nursing in Canada with US NCLEX RN certificate what will be the IELTS score needed to accept it.Because now in most of the provinces in Canada for CRNE it is L 7.5,R-6.5,W-7,s-7 is the requirement,but for US RN it is only Speaking 7 and overall 6.5.it is easier to get this score than the first one.Anybody have any insight?meena