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oklamedic2011 has 2 years experience and specializes in SNF, LTAC.

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  1. Classes to take while waiting

    I would definitely knock out Chemistry, statistics etc. Look at the program advisement for any local RN to BSN program and go ahead and get a head start if that is the career path you are wanting to follow.
  2. Side business ideas for nurses

    I would love a Scarf!!
  3. Fun at Nursing School

    Just wanted to start a thread for people to share some fun memories they have/had in nursing school. Mine was from the very beginning of nursing school, when we were in the skills lab learning all basic principals of head to toe assessment etc....as ...
  4. OCCC spring 2016

    August 1st through Sept 1st for the spring semester. It did also say that if you are transferring credits from an out of state college, there is a 2-4 week waiting period to verify etc. in regards to the Compass test, I found it pretty easy, but I am...
  5. OCCC spring 2016

    I will be starting Spring of 2016. The reason I chose this program over OCCC was the LPN career ladder. I have my LPN license and can jump right in, they do this at OCCC, but getting in is a lot harder. Rose state is competitive, but not as competiti...
  6. Salary Ettiquette

    ^^ THIS
  7. Need some New Grad advice:(

    It might be a little farther south then you intended, but here in Oklahoma we are flooded with job openings for RN's...We cant seem to get enough. And being the 2nd best state to live in (cost of living) it might be an option if you really want to re...
  8. good and funny comebacks?!!

    I just listen to what they say, then ask them to hold my bags of money I made "wiping asses"
  9. OCCC spring 2016

    hello fellow Okie!! Unfortunately everyone I know, myself included, is going to the Rose State program. Sorry I couldnt provide any advice, just saw an Oklahoma post and had to say something lol
  10. How to deal with stereotypes and vicious people

    I just laugh in their face, then ask them to hold my bags of money. If that doesn't work, I like to go with the "I get to work with beautiful women on a daily basis, why wouldn't I pick this profession?" Funny responses to a serious bias we as male n...
  11. As most people will say on here, call the Oklahoma BON and get clarification. But I will say from personal experience as someone who is graduating LPN in September, just make sure you have all the paperwork, if you get probation, you better have the ...
  12. Frustrated

    I know for a fact it is quite possible to go to school, graduate and get licensed without restrictions and have a felony conviction, my soon to be ex-wife graduated in December of last year, she has a felony conviction for assault and battery in 2009...
  13. Article: Paramedics equal to RNs

    It is like comparing apples to oranges....both are fruits....both taste FANTASTIC...but 1 is red and 1 is orange. But in the Great Fruit Basket of Medicine they cozy right up next to each other. As a paramedic with years of experience, and a current ...
  14. Here I Come!

    congrats!! Make sure and look back and remember this enthusiasm when Nursing school gets into crazy mode....I know I sure did a few times lol!
  15. Fundamentals Passed

    Congrats! Now keep that work ethic for when OB/Peds starts, it is a whole different animal. Best of luck to you!