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  1. Being lucky enough to have co-workers that saw a shift as a team event, rather than a clear division of tasks. Getting introduced to relatively "safe" people with altered mental status helped a bit, too. I'm not sure how well I would've done with a...
  2. 10 months on and things are going well. I'm bracing myself for the trauma patients to start coming in, since the weather has warmed up. They're a different stripe than my elderly falls and general surgery types I get in the winter. I'm just about ...
  3. What did you do before nursing?

    Ever dream of making it big and being an organist/keyboardist for a pro hockey team?
  4. I've met more than a few people that have made or are pursuing nursing as a second career. What did you do before? What are the ups and downs in comparison? I'm not a nurse yet, but since I'm the OP, I'll go first. After being a fast food worker, ...
  5. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    I just called Carol about this and she said the dates would be emailed out some time after school starts with orientation dates in October. She also said not to worry about doing the Metro State online orientation yet, as they don't have the list of...
  6. Really glad I haven't had to deal with anything this "feelings" intensive in the civilian workforce yet. The idea that somebody would correct me for toilet seat position (much less hunt me down to do so) or be so perturbed by somebody doing so that ...
  7. Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    I always make it a point to get them to tell me what it is that they need. It took exactly one time for me to go get a nurse so the pt could ask for a cup of water to sear that into my memory. The nurse didn't give me a hard time, but I kinda felt ...
  8. Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    Old ladies that have issues with a guy toileting them or cleaning them up. Its really frustrating. *** am I supposed to do, let them lay in their own $#!% until the RN is done doing RN things? Sometimes I can trade tasks with female PCA, but that ...
  9. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    I'm in at ARCC.
  10. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    #%@! Nothing in the mail again.
  11. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    Yeah, seriously, why isn't this handled via email? What takes 6 weeks to figure out? As with most things, there is probably more to it than meets the eye, but all they're doing is verifying that you've taken the pre-reqs and then adding your GPA to...
  12. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    Got the mail. Its not in there. I'm in Blaine, so it's not like it had far to go.
  13. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    Mmm. Morning beers to take the edge off the anxiety. Don't look at me like that, I work nights and I'm still up.
  14. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    OK, I've played it cool, calm, and collected until the last few hours of the wait. Mailman is usually here around 9.
  15. Do you have dreams about your job?

    Yes. I had a dream where I punched one of my patients in the face. Some backstory: they got drunk and wrecked their motorcycle, the only fluid they will now consume is ice cold ginger ale, they've been throwing a pity party for going on 3 days now...