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    I actually met a girl who was a recipient of the Nurse Corps scholarship and she was in an ABSN program! So they do accept those types of programs, fyi!
  2. eripeterss

    Johns Hopkins ABSN Summer 2015.. with kids!!!

    I was recently accepted to the same cohort (congrats!). And while i don't have any firsthand experience to give you, my friend is in their current program. She told me that there are lots of people who are nontraditional students. Ones with families, ones who havent' been back to school in quite some time, etc. So i definitely think it's possible! I think it'll definitely be hard for you but like you said, you've got a good support system it sounds like so i think if you can hold out for one year you'll be good to go!
  3. eripeterss

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    Thank you!! Congrats to you too @maddybel! I also haven't been active on this website enough so it won't allow me to use the PM features. But here's my facebook info anyway. My name is Erin Peterson. I made the facebook page a couple months ago just for the purpose of using it to communicate to nursing students so i only have like 23 friends. Here's my facebook email if that will make it easier to find me 100008544361506@facebook.com. And i listed my birthday as Nov 1, 1991. Thanks for making the page!
  4. eripeterss

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    Yeah, i haven't received the formal packet with the details about how to confirm our enrollment or when we need to do it by, i only received the email as of yet. But i'm not sure about the master's entry though, sorry!
  5. eripeterss

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    don't assume rejection! I had called jhu Monday and they said they're making decisions all February long! :)
  6. eripeterss

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I've been accepted as well! I wouldn't be too worried for the people who haven't heard back yet, i spoke with admissions over the phone a couple weeks ago and they said they would be sending out letters all throughout February. Not to get overzealous but maybe we should make a facebook page or something that is a little easier for us all to communicate through. I would do it but i just made a facebook for the first time in several years and i'm a little unfamiliar with how to go about making a private group and all. Good luck everyone!
  7. eripeterss

    Rutgers Newark ABSN - Spring 2015

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the Rutgers' absn program but i'll be attending the one in New Brunswick. However, i was told that if they don't receive enough applications for New Brunswick, i would have to take the train to Newark for their lectures a couple times a week. I was wondering, do you guys know anymore information regarding details about the program? I was hoping there would be an online forum that we could all meet on. Thanks! Erin
  8. eripeterss

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Hello all! I got my acceptance letter last week for Spring 2015. I'm excited about the program! But i was reading on here about Drexel's ACE program and have been noticing quite a bit of negative feedback towards the program. Granted, these posts were made in 2008 & 2009 but still, i'm a bit nervous about if the program is as bad as people have been saying. Let me know what you guys think! Perhaps you have heard more recent news about the program. Thanks!