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  1. guaguachong

    Home Health...good option for RN with bad back

    i will suggest you not to go home health because it is hard labor work. you have to bent your back all the time when you give pt care beside their beds. in hospital you can adjust bed height so you do not have to bent, but at home, lots of time you have no choice. i definitely feel back sore sometimes after a whole day work. i actually hurt my back one time because pt was right on the floor when i entered her house and i had to help her back to bed and she was a big lady and i pulled my back. also if you have a total care patients, you may have to do wound care, that is lots of pulling and turning, ALL BY YOURSELF because may nobody else in that house can help you. if you really want to save your back, i will suggest clinic work, or pediatric or infant job. Good luck to all us backs.
  2. i have been RN for 3 years and never had HH experience but they still hired me and i proved i did really good. from their side, if you can prove by resume and from interview that you are a person who work hard, know what you are doing, care about your patients, all so called professional, and also depends on how badly they need hire people and how many competitions, if you match their requirements, or they deadly need people, or nobody else is applying, all these can help you get a this job without any previous experience. this job can be really hard or really easy and highly depends on your attitude, if you care about your patients and want to cover them entirely, you have to do a hard job, on one side, instruct patients and do all these care, make sure they take their medications, medications works well, eat right food, get enough exercise, so on and on; contact doctor office if you find anything, or even anything you concerned, like i have to instruct one of my pt who is going to surgery about his insulin because nobody told him nothing specific that he would be NPO from that evening so he should not take his night time lantus. if i did not instruct him, the same morning of surgery his blood glucose buttom down, it has nothing to do with me, nobody can try to blame me this because HH is nothing to do with this guy outpatient surgery, but he is my patient under my care, i have to think more for him. so you are the caregiver, you are the case manager, you are everything. otherwise, you can just go there and talk to them every time and document that they are good, then they may go hospital next week but really nobody can blame to you. all your call. no matter you did before or not. :)
  3. guaguachong

    If you accept a job, stay at least a year

    i believe it depends. but i never left a job within 6 months although i had better chance when i was there in 3 months, i could left but i choose to stay because i wanted to be professional in my record. the first job i had was terrible, turnover all the time, all new graduates, highly understaffed, abuse, and most of people not stay more than 6 months and lots of them quit in orientation. i stayed more than a year. but i do not want to blame these people who left early, it was just a terrible place to work, if you were capable, some better place wanted you, why not go? give a reason. is it unprofessional? no, because other company proved that you were professional and they needed you. like the job i just left, i worked hard, my patients loved me. see what i got, called to office every week talked about over time, paid too much. manager tried two times to transfer me to full time payment which 4$/hour lower. even told me that you can be a full time no benefit if you do not want benefit. managers never appreciate your work but when you tried to leave, they acted like you hurt them so bad and it was all your fault because you left at the time they understaffed again which just happened 4 months ago. i am not the first person choose to leave and i will not be the last one neither. i fully agree that we nurses need to be professional, but loyalty to a unloyaltied employer may not be concerned as professional or at least it is not wise for your own future. but anyhow, for myself, i will still do what i been doing, at least stay 6 months even i do not like this job.
  4. guaguachong

    When is enough enough?

    your experience scared me. my maximum is 12.25 patient but they have to pay me for two days work this day, i do not work for free. so, find a new job, and get your RN.
  5. guaguachong

    Visit Frequency

    depends on pt situation, doctor order with your judgement. if pt just out of hospital, at least i will do twice a week for 3 weeks if they seems not all stable, maybe 3 times per week for 3 weeks if doctor prove that. if they have wound care definitely need follow up the same week. if they have wound vac, check doctor order either 3 times a week or 2 times a week usually. if they have IV antibiotics by PICC, definitely need follow up next day until they fully understand. if peripheral, doctor will order frequency. things change, so we have to use our judgement.
  6. guaguachong

    Oasis charting: OASIS-C1 form starts 1/1/15

    my suggestion for LPN friends is always that getting your RN asap. the hh i worked, they hired two LPN but only for office work. one as scheduler and one for admission and other paperwork. both of them hired later than me and quit way before me.
  7. guaguachong

    Is lying the new norm?

    i do not so understand DON position. but seems like in the place i worked, office position filled up fast by people already in this company. before i got hired, 5 field nurses left together either go office or resigned. also every time office position open, it got filled up next day by somebody. i did not realize field nurse was such a terrible position which my coworkers and friends told me after i started to work. plus i realized the place i worked is the worst part of this town.
  8. guaguachong

    Point system for FT

    before i came here, i thought my hh experience is tough enough, now seems like i was in a good one. 29 per week. one weekend on call per month plus 3 week days. week days 20 buck even no call; weekend 100 bucks on saturday and sunday even no call. i was paid hourly 28 per hour hired as regular part time no benefits but do more than full time job since they always short. but manager been talk to me twice for low salary. like go full time with benefit 24. i said not need benefit. then she told me " you can go full time without benefit". everybody told me she lost mind at that moment.
  9. guaguachong

    Question about abandonment

    thank you very much, all you guys.
  10. guaguachong

    Question about abandonment

    thanks. let us see. i have my tool box return on monday since they said i have to bring everything back to get my pay check. hopefully they will leave me alone. the girl got hired with me (which we are friend now) quit during orientation. she made a great decision i believe.
  11. guaguachong

    Hourly rounding. Are you kidding me?

    you are the mam. 7 to 12 pts. i did take 7 at night when i just started as rockie. i may not even survive in your hospital. hopefully it is something like windfield, which might happen to be true.
  12. guaguachong

    Question about abandonment

    thanks. once when they really short, i worked to death to help cover patients. my patients loves me, my return hospital rate is way low than average; never called in; never turned document late; with all these work i did, barely accept appreciate but always you take too much over time, you salary is too high, you are in over time list. i am tired about this place. my new job pays me double, they do not even bother to ask hh but only need reference from my hospitals. then when i leave they treat me like this. i guess l learned a good lessons from hh and should be little wiser in the future.
  13. guaguachong

    Question about abandonment

    i did just now. thanks. it seems definitely match the list which BON not gonna involve. i will be careful next time through. i would like to give two weeks notice if i can but i can not miss first and second day of my new job this time.
  14. guaguachong

    Hourly rounding. Are you kidding me?

    i been working 4 years, med-surg, cardiac, float pull, hh, different hospitals, i just feel like some places i would not want to work no matter how much they pay. they do not care and do not know what they are doing. one nurse round all 7 pts hourly with charting and all patients care. that is crazy.... well, if they told me i do not have to chart, i may can do so through....
  15. guaguachong

    Im Out!

    you talk about the right way of hh. but how many can really help prevent readmission? how many has experienced nurses with good attitude to really want to protect their patients. at least as i know, this area readmission rate is still sky high. so what make it worth? i just talk about the place i worked.
  16. guaguachong

    Im Out!

    i just made decision after work for 8 months. i saw most experienced RNs either left or upgrade to office jobs. field nurses are poor. clinic conference per week, new hire meeting per two week and whenever they want to, manditory meeting per two weeks; driving in hot summer cold winter with risk of accident (which i had somebody hit me on the back, company can not help nothing), if you get over time they call you to talk for you paid too much and in over time list; if you do not want overtime they want you to take extra so called help company. experience not usable for hospital jobs. sign agreement for not go to other hh until one year leave this hh, all and all. not happy, not worth. only patients makes your feel bad to leave them.