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  1. I have been a nurse for over 30 years. I am in my early 50s.I am youthful for my age and very active, but still, in my 50s. I went back to work part time a year ago after being a stay at home mom for many years (I have two teenagers). I absolutely LOVE my job (I am an infusion nurse), BUT...in order to keep it I need to get my BSN. I agreed to this upon hire and planned to start online this semester. I had no idea how expensive it would be and how time consuming! This is going to cost me thousands of dollars after tuition reimbursement. And the university states to plan 15-20 hours/week per class. And, I am not a person who loves school. I regret not doing this when I was younger (although when I was younger and working a BSN was almost never required) I am just not sure at my age this is worth it. Not to mention the reason I work part time instead of full time is because our family life is very busy. Anyone else out there been in s similar situation? Any words of wisdom?

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