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Cmmc911's Latest Activity

  1. Cmmc911

    Nursing Informatics

    Nursing informatics is a promising side of nursing but is it worth leaving a floor position to pursue?
  2. Cmmc911

    RN to BSN online, best schools?

    Any good recommendations of online RN to BSN programs?
  3. Cmmc911

    Any Good Online LVN programs?

    Wow thank you!
  4. Cmmc911

    Any Good Online LVN programs?

    Wow thanks for your time and response! I know there are various programs poping up all the time so im publically enquiring of any I havent heard of. Online is very convient! I think im fixed on going the LVN to RN route sinceCali doesnt offer many Paramed to RN programs. Also if i were to quite my job that would be 10 yrs down the drain, pt or on-call is not an option right now. Once I become a nurse all my years carry over with the company i work for.
  5. Cmmc911

    Any Good Online LVN programs?

    Looking for any recommendations for good online LVN programs. Or any flexiable programs.

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