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  1. chadrn65

    Work from Home

    But, you are salary and you would not receive OT. Most desk positions with big box companies are salary. I understand, for I am salary too and so unfair not to be compensated for working over.
  2. chadrn65

    Breaking into case management

    I know plenty of nurses that were trained. As you said, I see ads all the time too. Many of the big box insurance companies will train.
  3. chadrn65

    Certified Professional in Healthcare Management-CPHM

    Wow, unreal. I just went on the website and indeed you are correct. Wonder how many people wasted their money for a certification that is no longer honored. I am glad I didn't, still paying for student loans.
  4. Yes, you are right, she is just a regular citizen, but probably experienced mental anguish and maybe a sense of distrust towards her employer.
  5. That is what I was thinking, mental anquish.
  6. Good article, thanks. Yeah, I think she is laying low and I too also wondered if she is proceeding with her lawsuit. I think it took a lot of guts and courage to speak out.
  7. I read that Dr. Spencer is doing good. Riding an exercise bike in his isolation room and doing yoga. I noticed Amber Vinson has been giving a lot of interviews. Interview with Don Lemon at CNN. Nurse Amber Vinson has 'no idea' how she got Ebola - CNN.com Interview with Matt Lauer. Ebola survivor Amber Vinson defends her decision to fly: 'I would never go outside of guidelines' - Health - TODAY.com Then a very lengthy interview with photos for People magazine. Ebola Survivor Amber Vinson: 'I Didn't Know If I Would Survive' - Ebola, Health, Medical Conditions : People.com Have not read or heard anything regarding the nurse Brianna.
  8. chadrn65

    Mandatory flu shots????

    Omg, I loved it! That actor has Kevin Spacey down good. I am a huge fan of House of Cards, and Kevin Spacey. Thanks for posting.
  9. chadrn65

    Nebraska Medical Center vs. Your Facility

    Oh lord, they are definitely not ready. I also listened to the nurse video. I see why the female nurse was wearing the "I am Amber Vinson" button!
  10. Thanks for posting, great article!
  11. Bahaaaha, me too! Too funny!
  12. Lol, me too! I would probably read high on the forehead scanner as well.......due to hot flashes.
  13. Yep, the experts at the 4 containment facilities all say the same: if treated early, better outcome and also youth is important how fast you recover.
  14. "Spencer's fiancée, Morgan Dixon,and two friends he spent time with after returning to New York remain symptomfree". "Cityhealth officials also announced Saturday that they would no longer restrict thedaily movements of one of the two individuals who had been quarantined becauseof contact with Spencer. They said the person, who was not identified, would beassessed twice a day by Health Department staff". "Dixon,who was released from Bellevuea week ago, andthe third person will be quarantined until Nov. 14, after the maximum 21-dayincubation period has passed." Ebola in the U.S.: NYC doctor upgraded to stable condition - CBS News
  15. Glad to hear things are looking up! It could have occurred in any hospital in the U.S.A., just happened to be Presby. I am sure Presby will recover just fine and the community will make strides to support. Take care.
  16. I think those snap shots of her, Bentley and her parents were at the place where Bentley was kept.

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