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  1. Caelynn

    POA/HIPAA violation

    I live in Arizona. I finally heard today the outcome. Since I could've been fired over the violation I suppose 5 work day suspension is not that bad. What gets me is they let me work last week without saying anything. Today half way threw my shift I called my interm director which also happens to be the ACNO. That I was to be suspended she asked if I wanted to finish my shift or go home now. I was charge today and know my team could handle my pt load with the ones they already had so I choose to leave now. When I asked her why I was no longer be scheduled as charge as I have been for the last year. She told me that she had heard from several people that she told me who the narc was in the first place. SHe tried to say it was a friend of mine for over 10 years. I never said that I knew who it was nor that she told me this. So in the whole situation it seems they are trying to get everyone against each other. We had such a strong team that we would come in help each other and never complained now we ALL dread coming into work several are looking for other work. It is very bad morale which is sad.I just hope the patients don't suffer with admin being so clueless on what they are doing to my floor. Thank you for all your support during this. Moral of the story do not look at any ones chart that you are not directly taking care of. They also tried to get me for putting in orders for another nurse when I was charge and helping her out because she was busy. No team work I guess is allowed
  2. Caelynn

    POA/HIPAA violation

    When I was doing it the dr. Had me call in family so I could change her to dnr. She was on death's door on bipap not fully mentally there for the most part. She has since made a recovery however mentally not there at times. So I am still not sure how the extent of my violation will play out. I was also the family liaison (sp)for information that when she was coherent she wanted me to convey to them. Thank you for responding
  3. Caelynn

    POA/HIPAA violation

    I have been a nurse for 2 years now. I really love my job. I was a medical assistant for 10 years prior. My situation is recently my mom was in my hospital. I am the POA on her. I was turned in for violating HIPPA for looking in her chart and taking photos of her CXR(by one of my peers). I have deleted photos off my phone in front of HR. I did not know I was violating HIPPA when looking in her chart because I was POA I did not think it was. My interim director phoned me and told me not to look in her chart without HIM. I stopped at that point as I did not know it was a violation up until that point. When I came back to work after being off to take care of my mom I was called into HIM and HR directors office to discuss my situation. I am awaiting corporate discussion on my outcome. I am truly regretful for having done this but honestly I had no idea it was violation with myself being POA. I do not want to loose me job. If anyone knows of anything that may help my situation if possible please let me know. Thank you, Caelynn

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