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  1. Mrs Future RN

    Which areas in hospital least physically demanding?

    Postpartum/Mommy Baby I have maybe 1 night a month that's crazy, but for the most part, it's not bad.
  2. I guess that's the advantage of living in the south. The pay isn't the best, but even as a new grad you can pick whatever specialty/shift you want, even with an ADN. My ADN class got jobs in OR, ED, trauma ICU and everything in between. Now they are using their experience to get jobs in more saturated areas.
  3. Mrs Future RN

    Tired of jumping jobs, does anyone like her job?

    Mommy/Baby in a non high risk facility. I think there has been 1 code in the past six years on my floor and NICU handles the infant should something go wrong with them. Most moms are young and healthy, even after a c-section, they are up and walking after 13 hours. Over half of the job is educating moms on self and infant care.
  4. Mrs Future RN

    Your FAVORITE job

    I love my job in the well baby nursery. I know a lot of places don't have these anymore, so I'm lucky to have a job in one.
  5. Mrs Future RN

    Bishop state fall '16

    Are you sure you're thinking of the right school. Bishop had some troubles maybe 10 years ago, but their NCLEX pass rate is 3rd in our area. They had a better pass rate then South Alabama and University of Mobile last year. Nursing Education Programs | Alabama Board of Nursing
  6. Mrs Future RN

    Bishop state fall '16

    I'm in my last semester. Don't know what the cutoff was. I had 185 points. I know some had around 150, but it really depends on how many people are applying. This was for the spring, so the cutoff was a lot lower then what it is in the Fall.
  7. Mrs Future RN

    Bishop state fall '16

    I believe you have to take the ACT now.
  8. I'm going into my final semester with 2 children (5 & 7). My best advice is to make sure you have backup babysitters, errand runners, and support. Schedule your study time at a time when you know they will be away or sleeping. Always make sure to include family time in your schedule every week.
  9. Mrs Future RN

    When are you going to get your NP?

    Oh my, this just reminded me of earlier this semester when I was in clinical with my instructor (MSN) and an old coworker of hers asked her when she was going back for her doctorates. I didn't think about it in that way until I looked at this post. So, I guess I better prepare myself for those questions for the rest of my career.
  10. AGREED X100 with the previous post. I learned half way through the first semester that only your classmates or previous nursing students truly know what you're going through. My husband is a college grad, he knows the frustrations of college, so when I do complain, I keep things kind of general. I do share interesting stories and let him know when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  11. Mrs Future RN

    Faulkner State Community College

    Hahaha, I'm close by the airport, so about 46 miles each way. The problem with Mobile is that it's becoming very time consuming to get from West Mobile to the interstate. I know a few people who live by me and attend Faulkner, the only thing they don't like is when they have to attend a class in Foley. I think you get what you put into it when it comes to all of these programs. Just stay positive, avoid the negativity and the ones who are just there to play around, and you'll do just fine in either program. However, if you can get into South, go for it, you'll have a BSN in almost the same amount of time as an ADN will take.
  12. Mrs Future RN

    Faulkner State Community College

    It states: Minimum GPA of 2.75 in all pre-requisite courses Minimum University GPA of 2.5 I didn't even have the minimum university GPA . I played around back then, but I think things still worked out. Faulkner would have been a total of 100 miles daily, while Bishop is only 18. I only get 13 miles to the gallon, so the gas alone would have killed me . The evening classes at Bishop also worked better with my schedule. Good Luck, I'm sure you will get in.
  13. Mrs Future RN

    Faulkner State Community College

    I would have rather done South, but I knew my GPA from years ago would have kept me from getting in. Faulkner would have been my second choice (I actually got into the program), but the commute was an inconvenience. By default I ended up at Bishop. I've never had a problem with math, so dosage cal was an easy A for me. The instructor who teaches it is my favorite instructor in the whole program. She's tough, but she has an open door policy and will sit with each student that makes an appointment with her for private tutoring. She even opened a class up this summer for the people that failed her last semester, to give them another shot with a smaller class size. If you do go to Bishop, private message me with any questions you may have. :)
  14. Mrs Future RN

    Faulkner State Community College

    Bishop has such a low retention rate going from 1st to 2nd block. Only 7 of the 34 students that was in our 1st block of courses made it to the 2nd, by 3rd block there were only 4 of us from our original group. I'm ok with the program at Bishop so far, but it definitely test how much you want to pursue nursing, which I guess is what I program should do. My only thing is that it seems that the faculty at Bishop could care less about the students.
  15. Mrs Future RN

    Bishop State & Faulkner state admission

    Don't know about Faulkner, but with Bishop you just need MTH 100 or higher, so your 116 would be fine.
  16. Mrs Future RN

    Faulkner State Community College

    I'm in my first semester now. From what I heard (nurses in my family and friends), ASN don't have a problem finding jobs in our area. The hardest place to get hired would be USA hospitals, but even that's possible. All others are very accepting of ASNs.