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  1. kmhlpn30

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    I think it is awesome that you are going back to school to further your education. I have been an LPN for over 15 years. I was an MDS Coordinator and relief supervisor for the DON where I used to work. My job now, has both RN's and LPN's and we all are doing the exact same work. Only difference is they are paid at a higher rate. I'm not complaining just stating a fact. We also are not doing direct patient care, just in case anyone wonders. I also train new hires at this job, RN's and LPN's, as I have been there the longest and have the most experience in doing this job. I would like some tips on how to get some scholarships so that I can go back and get my RN.
  2. kmhlpn30

    How Nurses Cope with Death

    I worked geriatrics for a couple years and losing patients was hard but the sudden illness and death of a co-worker has been the hardest for me to cope with. It has been over a couple months and I am still grieving, quietly and mostly late at night when all are asleep. Thank you for the article it has helped me.
  3. kmhlpn30

    God Hates Nurses Now

    And some wonder why i own a tshirt that says, Nurses... you can't cure stupid but you can sedate it! Amazing restraint and remember before you beat yourself up too much... He was not one of your patients.

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