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  1. OCCC Spring 2017

    The deadline for the spring is the first Friday in September at noon. They said the requirements should be the same as it was for fall 2016.
  2. OCCC Spring 2015

    I'm not sure but the compass score might help with preference points. The TEAS test might be required but I'm not sure. I think they changed some stuff since I applied, I'm currently in the badnap program.
  3. That's awesome your boss is working with your schedule. I currently have a set work schedule (7:30 am to 4:00 pm) so even if I wanted to it wouldn't work. Good luck with whichever program you decide to enter!
  4. Barcode120x, I plan on focusing all my time to the program since I'm not working. I have enough saved up to get me through the program, hopefully. The program is very affordable so that helps (under 10K). It's actually a community college in Oklahoma...
  5. Multiple people have told me it's extremely difficult to complete the accelerated program with a 4.0. That must've been rough not having anyone to talk to at home. I bet that made it more gratifying once you graduated :) Was it difficult for you to f...
  6. Strive2Bbetter, What about the first semester that made it so bad? Glad you made it through! I plan on applying to a BSN program once I pass the NCLEX. Was it difficult for you to find a job once you graduated?
  7. I hear that BSN graduates are preferred, which makes sense. The program is broken up into 4 8-week semesters, with breaks in between. Honestly, I really want to get the NCLEX under my belt as soon as possible. Since I don't have any health care exper...
  8. OrganizedChaos, I was told not to work during an accelerated program so I wanted to find a program that was short and had a good pass rate on the NCLEX. The program that I'm going into meets both very well. The 2014 graduating class (217 total studen...
  9. Thanks for the support! I'll try and post updates during the semester. The program is for people who already have a bachelor degrees. From what I heard, students meet for lecture once a week from 8-5. Clinicals are twice a week from 6-6. I'll find ou...
  10. Hello, I'm starting an accelerated program in a month, 6/1/2015. I'd love to hear any tips or advice of what I should do or not do before starting. The program is from June to March so it'll go from 0-100 real quick! I'm nervous and excited at the sa...
  11. Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    Congratulations on getting in Lizzabet!! This link will give you a list of places that offer the CPR class. The course is BLS for healthcare providers. Class Connector Search Home- American Heart Association Hope that helps :)
  12. Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    Thanks for the advise michealjarvis! Did you use eBooks or did you buy the physical textbooks? Also, do you have any clinical site recommendations? I was going to put them in nearest to farthest order. The assigned facility and unit options are: Mid...
  13. Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    Congratualtions, 4.0 all the way through!!! That's awesome! I'm nervous and excited about starting this program. Thanks for the advice hunger4justice. Good luck with the NCLEX!
  14. Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    Thanks DH9545!! I hope we all survive! Did you just finish the program? If so, do you have any advice or tips for us?
  15. Anyone planning to apply to OCCC's BADNAP program 2015?

    Lizzabet, I copied this from the BADNAP email. A required orientation is scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm in Room 215 of the Health Professions Center at Oklahoma City Community College.

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