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  1. ilovelian

    Anyone taking NCLEX the week of July 21st?

    Taking mine on the 21st as well! Soooo nervous! I've been using Kaplan Qbank. í ½í¸« Hope we all pass!
  2. ilovelian

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    I'm taking my exam in 2 weeks, can you please send me a copy of the notes & pharma. I'd really appreciate it, need all the help I can get with pharma. 😣 reyes.mra13@yahoo.com
  3. Does the CaBRN accept 3-3-3 or they still prefer 5-5-5? So it's just major, minor, cord and delivery?
  4. Our requirement was just 3 major, 3 minor, 3 delivery, 3 cord care. And that was about it. But they are concurrent so no problem with that. However, I didn't take the PNLE because I can only stay in the Philippines for 6 months and April was my 6th month, also I'm pregnant at the moment, so would that be an issue or a letter would just be okay to give to the evaluator.
  5. Yes, I recently just graduated April 2014. They have yet to send an application. So I'm not sure if them having 5 cases will make a difference, unless it's all concurrent.
  6. Thank you for replying! I'm sure that they are concurrent with the lectures, but I'm just worried that they want more than 3 cases because a lot of my classmates did 5 just to be sure and I wasn't informed. The evaulator didn't specify an amount of cases too so it makes it even more confusing for me if I should risk having the school send the cases of 3 each. Do you know of anyone who gave 333 cases and they were concurrent, did they get approved by the CaBRN?
  7. If your cases are concurrent with the lecture would it be okay to only have 3 or do I need 5. The PRC nowadays only require 3 cases for each clinical area. I got my letter from my international evaluator and he didn't specify how ma h cases he just said provide your clinical cases. So would I be okay to send my 3 cases for each having them concurrent with the lectures?
  8. So I recently received the letter from the International Evaluator with the following requirements. Everything I have tor, rle, breakdown, calendar, and the clinical cases. However, I only have 3 for each (actual, assist, cord, major, minor) but they are okay with the timeline of my lectures so there's no problem with that. The problem is the international evaluator mr. *****didn't specify how many cases for each. What does that mean? Does than mean 3 or 5 is okay as long as it's within the lecture of that subject? Please help!