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  1. Trisaratops

    Relocation to Tampa

    Sent! Check your inbox.
  2. Trisaratops

    Relocation to Tampa

    I will send you an email with "RELOCATION" in the subject line.
  3. Trisaratops

    Entry level pay in Portland?

    My starting pay in Maine as a new grad was 22.22. Hope that helps
  4. Trisaratops

    Relocation to Tampa

    Hi, I did this (several years ago, but I did it!). I highly suggest you get your FL RN license before you start applying. I didn't have any issues, but it did take longer than in MA and ME (where I started) By and large, I found that most people didn't take me seriously without one. I had some experiance when I was getting ready to move, and I did have a bit of a time getting a job. I'm happy to PM if you want details or if I can help at all
  5. Trisaratops

    Sentinal event

    How often do the techs do checks? On our adult units we have noted that most completed suicides happen around shift change in the afternoon. The room door are closed, groups are scheduled and we do q5 min checks. I'm sorry this happened
  6. Trisaratops

    Peds Hospice

    Also I would suggest seeing if you can take ELNEC PPC -end of life nursing education consortium for pediatric palliative care. Going to th site where it is taught will connect you with those already in the field and you can network tht way.
  7. Trisaratops

    Peds Hospice

    Hi, I used to work at a pediatric hospice. Like others have said, it's a pretty small population. We were a new company and building a business revolving around kids dying is really hard. Most of the kiddos we got were babies with heart defects (amount other things) or teenagers with cp or the like whose lungs were crapping out and family didn't want a trach, ect. Oncology patients made up only a small part of our population as there were several big children's onc programs around and thry held onto their kids. As far as how to get involved, volunteer at camps for kids with life limiting illnesses. You can do a sort of reverse networking find out where they are treated, who/where the docs are, ect.
  8. Trisaratops


    Hi all, I had an interview 3.5 (Tuesday makes 4) weeks ago for a CCN position. It seemed to go well, they liked my experience (pedi hospice and rehab with a strong teaching background). Needless to say I would LOVE this job. I keep expecting to get the rejection email....but so far it hasn't come. at my interview, they said it could be 2-3 weeks before I heard from HR. I have called twice (once a week x2) and not heard anything. I have the unit managers and the unit educators email.....do I email them? Do I call HR? Or do I let well enough alone? I think my words through carefully and don't want to say the wrong thing. I do know my application is still active and thathaven't called at least one of my references. I know it's a long shot, but man oh man I would love CCN!
  9. Trisaratops

    Wishing we all were understood

    I used to work at a pediatric hospic and can relate to these. No one gets our day...
  10. Trisaratops


    Hi all, I had an interview in the CCN last week and it went well! I'm hoping to ask you guys a few questions.... 1. What are your favorite techniques for calming a baby with NAS? I've worked with kiddos with NAS before but it's been a whole and it's a big population where I live 2. I've seen a bunch of people refer to an app. Called neofax. I looked in the android store and couldn't find it thanks all!
  11. Trisaratops

    Methegine and migraines

    I have a patient who has tried 7 different Tristan's and they have all caused chest pain. It is not coded as an allergy. They are prenatal and I was wondering if thry would be able to tolerate methergine? I haven't found any literature to support one way or not.
  12. Trisaratops

    Favorite patients...

    So who are your favorite patients? I had known this lady from prevous admissions and went to draw labs from her port. She did fine until I locked it, and because of the location she went unresponsive and later was discovered as being a massive seizure. Heart rate was ok but breathing was bad. I kept telling her to breathe and rubbing her chest until ems got there. (The higher up in my HH agency was convinced it was due to anxiety.....). I was convinced she was dead when they took her out of thr house. I went to see her in the hospital the next day (with the supervisors blessing) and I said thank you for staying with us. Her response was "thank you for keeping me here". I hope that I never forget that as long as I live :) So who are your favorite patients? And what is your favorite sound bite from all the Lols and lom we see everyday?
  13. Trisaratops

    When to have the patient sign consent

    I used to work for a home health agency. We got a book to do admissions and give to the client. The first thin. I did with SocS was go over it and get thrm to sign consent. I used to say thst legally I can't touch you until this is signed.
  14. Trisaratops

    When to start applying?

    I'm going to echo everyone else. Once is tough, and if it's remotely like the unit I was an aide on, they put a ton of time and effort to training you. That said, your skills will transfer well. Cancer patients get sick fast and having seasoned assessment skills will make you an asset. All the best, trisaratopsrn
  15. Trisaratops

    Psych nursing is easy

    I wish that we could all just get along. Psych is not easy. It's a different kind of intense. Long term care is not easy. Try doing a med pass for 60 residents, doing treatments, ect ect... Private duty is not easy. For every minute that is like "babysitting" a kid could get a plug, go into status, ect. I could go on....but I suspect any nurse with experience OUTSIDE OF CLINICALS CAN UNDERSTAND what I'm saying. Yes, hospital nursing is hard. But it is not the be all end all of being a nurse!!!!!! I so wish that students would get that..... *gets off soapbox*