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  1. TheBrooklynKnight

    Non travel nurse contract cancel

    Sorry but I feel like reading the contract would be the obvious first step. but I have read other forums and people tend to skip the obvious so I understand. I’ve read it and it does not mention it but contracts are binding in some form or fashion (from my experience) And I was just wondering from experienced nurses if a contract with no bonuses is cancelled prior to starting date Is their any type of penalty.
  2. TheBrooklynKnight

    Non travel nurse contract cancel

    Hello everyone! I am a new grad nurse and was offered a position at a hospital, I signed the contract but don’t start until March 10th also I haven’t taken my NCLEX yet (super new grad). Today I got an offer for another hospital that was my first choice. I wanted to know if their is any penalty in canceling a contract if I haven’t began working their yet?
  3. TheBrooklynKnight

    SAT required?

    I have searched everywhere, some links are saying yes others no. do I have to take the sat/act to get into the navy nursing program. and if I do, is the essay optional? thank you for any and all help.
  4. TheBrooklynKnight

    GWU VBSN/ABSN fall 2017

    just received an email today saying my application is past the preliminary review and is being submitted to the admissions committee. I'm crapping my pants lol, sorry for the bold term.
  5. TheBrooklynKnight

    GWU VBSN/ABSN fall 2017

    I called llast week they said mid January. did you submit before the priority dead line? whats you status on nursecas? .
  6. TheBrooklynKnight

    George Washington University Absn Fall 2016

    has any one heard of someone getting admitted with a low gpa. my friend has a 3.1, I have a 3.4. do they put a huge focus on gpa?
  7. TheBrooklynKnight

    GWU VBSN/ABSN fall 2017

    I've seen a lot of post about this program,(not so much vbsn). I applied to the VBSN program on the priority deadline Nov 11 2016 and I figured I and everyone else whose on this journey should post on here. I'm very excited and nervous, I check the site everyday (even though its been less then a week:).) I have about a 3.43 minus anatomy 1 (currently taking ) and 2 (taking next semester.) the gpa to get in is a 3.0 , the average student applying gpa is 3.39 so I'm slightly above average. I called and they said results should be around mid January, which makes since. they're a lot of applications. so yeah I just figured Id be thorough about the steps Ive taken in this process so it can help out others, I would say good luck but you already got excepted, you just don't know it yet;).

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