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  1. jadeclnc

    Nurses leaving on the fast train

    Why are so many great nurses leaving a psychiatric hospital in Madison? It seems the best nurses are leaving but no one says why they leave so quickly. They are hired, go through orientation and after a brief time they leave.
  2. jadeclnc

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    I often wonder why hospital security are physically unable to protect staff and patients, how they are afraid and fear getting assaulted themselves. Esp when there are only females in a department, or weekends when its short-staffed.
  3. jadeclnc


    I believe it is discouraging when you witness nurses promoted for nothing more that popularity, not skills. It is so obvious that jobs are not based on skills or education but based on who is willing to say yes to management no matter what event comes up. They do not want the nurse who is a patient advocate. You must not question referral cases even though the nurse may know that patient is going to crash and may not be ready for discharge, their work up is based on insurance and ability to pay. If society believes they will receive the best care possible they may be wrong. Its difficult to obtain a report on a patient and the nurse has no idea what is required in a report. Many times they call report and get offended if you ask questions. Nurses can review policies at the facility but they forget if a sentinel event occurs their nursing license can be at stake. Nurses forget nursing standards and nursing ethics. Young and seasoned nurses can work together for the good of the patient, their healthcare staff and facility. Healthcare is a team effort but too many times the nurses feel entitled, become hostile when asked to provide the best care you can for every patient. Nurses should respect one another. As a nurse we care for patients in one of their most frightening times when they have little to no control. The reason patients are admitted to a hospital is because they need 24/7 nursing and medical care. Senior nurses have the same rules and they are necessary. If the nurse does not have the skill or the potential to learn and advance their knowledge. Nursing advancement should not depend on age or looks. Senior nurses
  4. jadeclnc

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    I meant to ask how many of nurses feel their security officers are trained, and have the physical stamina to protect staff and other patients?
  5. jadeclnc

    The things we put up with as part of the job

    Do you recall being told violence is a part of the job? Psychiatric staff are taught ways to manage violent pts that get physical. Violent psychiatric patients should not be restrained. There seems to be many, many more psychiatric patients now. As your post reported there are sexual assault patients that are admitted to a hospital and staff may never be aware of their history. There were times when psychiatric hospitals were struggling to maintain enough patients to keep units open and now every facility is full,on diversion or they are at staff/physician capacity. ERs are holding psychiatric patients for days until a bed opens up. Nurses are at risk, we never know who is going to walk in with a gun, knife, be a gang member or it may be the patient on alcohol or drugs.
  6. jadeclnc


    You are so correct. Now nursing advancement depends on whose your buddy. Not at all about dedication, skills, or education. If you don't play the game you don't stand a chance. You have techs that are the eyes and ears of management. Its sad that nursing has become a career based on personality. The senior nurses are terminated in such a way employers bypass the age discrimination laws. Age discrimination is still alive and well. If a nurse is terminated the employer may place the nurse on as a no rehire and this is placed on the information from the credit bureau. Texas nurses opposed this way of discriminating because nurses could not get jobs.
  7. jadeclnc

    Whats a nurse to do...

    Whats a nurse to do? Where are the seasoned nurses to go? In 2015 I obtained my MSN in nursing. My focus was in education but after graduation realized that is not what I really enjoy. I had this wonderful plan to obtain my NP in mental health then my world fell apart. My daughter died, my husbad lost his job. I could not focus on my NP courses so I stepped aside. The big issue is all the student loans to obtain my MSN. The facility I work for does not support the older nurses. The older nurses go under attack until they resign or are terminated. Young nurses with less than 6months of nursing experience become house supervisors, hired in the ER, cardiac care. If the public saw the number of mistakes that occur they would be horrified. I love the young and the old nurses. Where do we go? Should we obtain continuing education in specific topics? If nurses are single income families what does she/he do? The healthcare monopolies block nurses from rehire by putting them on credit check sites and listing as no rehire. The corporation blocks their rehire and no one will even interview the person. If there is a nursing shortage why destroy the older nurses? Big question what is a nurse to do?