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  1. andy.h1985

    Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    I checked my email and I got the notification of being selected for the award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the email at 11:07 pm last night, so yes it could come in at anytime of the day. Creditkarma checked on July 29th. I am so thankful and to all those who are still waiting to hear something, I just want to tell you from my own long journey and process I went through to never give up hope and GOD has not forgotten about you. Please keep pushing through any struggle you may come across, do not get discourage it won't last for long. RNlife6 I was wondering the same question maybe I should call to ask too that is a good idea and how long before we know what is next after submitting it. I just have to wait until my school signs the form so I can submit it all.
  2. andy.h1985

    Oklahoma City University Kramer

    Hello llamdot, I just learned I was accepted into the accelerated program as well yesterday! I am currently working on the financial aid part too so I will have to see what happens with that, I already a degree. I will be visiting the campus in the next week or so, I would be relocating from Texas. Have you visited the campus or talk to any students from there or professors. I am wanting to know a little bit about the program from different experiences.