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Jacqueline.Damm has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg, Onc., Palliative/Hospice, CPU.

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  1. In recent weeks I've studied the clock a number of times while watching a family member sleep restlessly in their hospital bed as I wait hopefully for the doctor to come through. Rounds are few and far between you know. I can see now how waiting rea...
  2. Jacqueline.Damm

    Established Adult Nurse to NICU?

    Hey everyone, I had a question for you. I recently have been given the opportunity to sit for an interview for a NICU position at my local hospital. I was surprised (it was a bit of a shot in the dark for me) seeing as my experience has not been of p...
  3. Jacqueline.Damm

    From night shift nursing to Fitness Model

    Thank you for this inspiration! You are awesome!
  4. Jacqueline.Damm

    Work Families: Where Nursing Shines

    I was sitting at the nurse station on my unit when my boss walked by after interviewing a potential addition to our quirky team. All of us introduced ourselves and sent good wishes toward their endeavors. My boss piped up as we all began to sit back ...
  5. Real world nursing...Without having experience in nursing and knowledge of all the things that school doesn't provide, I jumped head first into our beloved profession with an idea of what it was supposed to be. This was what kept me grounded in schoo...
  6. Responsiblities Many new responsibilities and stressors have been placed on nurses shoulders in the last few years. With alterations in insurance coverage, reimbursement, and shortages of hands on deck, the nursing field has been facing many grow...
  7. Jacqueline.Damm

    Patient Flow Madness

    I love that you mentioned the past D Lam-Ham! It's very true how far we've come, and yet have taken so many steps back. We have so far to go in terms of technology, etc. But what I feel really and truly matters is how our patients feel.. Safe, secure...
  8. Jacqueline.Damm

    Sticks and Stones

    Gossip is a tough and dangerous animal. I am sure that everyone has been touched by it in some way. I am sorry for all of your experiences. Unfortunately for those who've had to endure gossip and the remnants of what it's left behind, make sure that ...
  9. Jacqueline.Damm

    Patient Flow Madness

    In recent weeks while talking with friends that are nurses, as well as fellow co-workers, I find myself hearing the same sort of worries and complaints that seem to be focused on patient flow (admission to discharge). The drive for patient flow has b...
  10. Jacqueline.Damm

    Sticks and Stones

    I am not sure about other places, but at least where I've worked in the past, gossip is a rhino in a china store on a rampage with only one intent: to destroy. I believe that stress breeds an ugliness that starts in the back of our minds when our ego...
  11. Jacqueline.Damm

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    For my earlier post-- Anger from the patients/their families.. Thanks for that-- I was a bit general.
  12. Jacqueline.Damm

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    Your stories are blowing my mind! I thought I had a pretty good collection, but man! Keep up the comments, I am sitting to read multiple times a day everyone-- Thank you! You are giving me much food for thought. Does anyone else feel as though they a...
  13. Jacqueline.Damm

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    I am LOVING these responses! I think the greatest idea that seems to spring forth from the majority of all of your posts have to do with the nurse being expected to handle every situation of which leaves a "bad taste" in someone's mouth. I do believe...
  14. Jacqueline.Damm

    The Hotel Phenomenon

    It's 0700 and the night shift is scrambling to give report as us day-shifters struggle in with our coffee breath and slightly askew hair. Part of the way through the patient history of the terrible triad (coronary artery disease, diabetes, COPD...) I...
  15. Jacqueline.Damm

    Nurses, It's Time: Find a Happy Place Amidst Chaos

    Keep up the fight everyone. Loving your replies to my article. If there's anything you need, or want to hear about, please personal message me. I love to write and would thoroughly enjoy writing things you WANT to hear! xx