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  1. iAmPuhda

    Med/Surg & Pharm what to expect

    I haven't reached Med-surg and pharmacology yet but I am currently taking the trifecta of death! It's just consists of three classes if you haven't heard about it yet which include pathophysiology, health assessment and lab, fundamentals and lab. It's not just for 8 weeks but also the addition of another 8 weeks because they split those classes into halves. Good luck on your classes!
  2. iAmPuhda

    bsn atlanta campus

    Hello candigirl76, I've just started my first semester here at Chamberlain Atlanta campus and it depends on your classes! Most general education classes will be online and nursing/science courses will be onsite. I am taking 2 general ed courses, english and developmental psychology online, and taking one nursing class onsite. My nursing class is only two hours and once a week. I am paying monthly payments and you would need to talk to an admission advisor because financial aid and loans play a role in your monthly payments. I wish you the best of luck of choosing your nursing program!