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  1. soybeck

    Wanting to come back to ltc

    I tried acute care for a few weeks over ten years ago. Like you I thought it would be so wonderful. I hated everyday. I missed the relationship I have with my Residents and their families. I did however learn a lot, so I don't discount that experience, but I am pretty sure that acute care nursing is not for me. Don't waste any more time being unhappy. Life is too short for that. :)
  2. soybeck

    what else can I do? (burned out)

    Hello all, I think this may just be me venting, and not so much a question. I have been a nurse 15 years next month. All my nursing experience has been in long term care. (except for a foray into acute care/med-surg that ended after a few weeks) Recently, most days my 25 minute drive home from work is spent in tears, and sometimes the drive TO work includes tears. I am frustrated all the way around. We are in the midst of a managerial upheaval at work and the new young administrator and DON each have less than 2 years nursing experience. I personally have a hard time being told what to do by someone who has never actually shown that they can DO my job...the company for which I work sees only their degrees (BSN) and apparently that excuses not having actual on-the-job experience. I am sure things will work out "in the end." But I sure do not want to be the teething ring these girls cut their careers on. How do you know when it is time to move on? I have been at this job over 5 years now and my pay scale is really decent, high enough that I would likely have to take a large cut in pay (which I might not be able to afford) should I go to another job and start over again. Is there anything out there for an old LPN other than LTC? I feel like I am at the end of my tries with LTC - pills all day, family members taking their stress out on me, CNA drama, etc. But would anything else pay me what I need to make to support my family? I live in a rural area and the cities with large hospitals are 30+ miles away, farther than I want to drive every single day. Will this get better? I hope it is just a passing fancy, has anyone else ever had this conversation with themselves? I feel pretty alone. Thanks for bearing with me.