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  1. Was just looking for any insight on rental market in Portland and if it is indeed affordable on a RN salary? Not married/no children if that helps. Also, any familiarity with hospitals in the area offering relocation assistance? I heard on a previous thread that OHSU does, but was not sure how much they or the hospitals in the area offer.
  2. heythatsmybike

    Interview Process & Etiquette

    Thank you guys so much, this has all been really helpful. Would you guys recommend me reaching out to the nursing manager re: when I should hear back or the HR person? I have tried both in the past, and was wondering which would be more appropriate. I feel that the nursing manager is more personal, but maybe that shouldn't be the routine, I'm really unsure. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  3. heythatsmybike

    Interview Process & Etiquette

    I am currently interviewing for new nurse grad positions in the ICU. I am finding that no interview is the same and was looking for advice on some things. When is it appropriate to ask for base pay/shift differentials? I find that this has been widely different between interviews. Some with the HR nurse recruiter telling me, some with the nurse manager, and some neither and I'm not sure when its appropriate to ask these questions along with scheduling/on-call questions. How soon is appropriate to reach out and ask the position contact when I should hear something or how it went. I am finding that it is taking MONTHS to hear back about interviews in my area. I went to an interview this week re: a position I applied to two+ months ago when I was newly graduated/licensed and I'm getting frustrated that this process takes so long.
  4. heythatsmybike

    DePaul MENP Program Admissions

    I'm aware two years is standard, just didn't think the MS is worth the 80k+ that they charge. Looking forward to CRNA school, they had told me only two classes would transfer (only into their CRNA Program, not Rush) which didn't seem like a huge incentive to put myself further into debt for. As far as adjuncting while in FNP school, that's actually a great idea if you are to find that opportunity. Most students just work in the ICU for the first two years and do pretty well, plus Rush pays a stipend. I just don't think the MS route, esp at a private university, is worth it if time and cost are important to you. You can arrive at the same end, advanced practice or not with far less debt if you play your cards right.
  5. heythatsmybike

    DePaul MENP Program Admissions

    Don't do this program. It's two years long, the masters isn't technically an MSN it's an MS and it's over 80k and doesn't do a whole lot extra for you. No grants, if you qualify GPA wise after a semester or two you can get a deduction for TAing but it's competitive and has to be renewed every quarter so it's never guaranteed. I'm assuming you have a prior bachelors. If time is no option the cheapest option is to do the community college RN route and do the RN-BSN option while working as an RN (paid partially or fully by the hospital that you work at that still hires non BSN RNs if you're lucky to do that) or if you were older like me, do the accelerated BSN route in 12-16 months. PM me if you wanted any more insight
  6. heythatsmybike

    Northwestern Extern/CRT Programs

    Has anyone here completed the Northwestern Extern or CRT program and stayed on afterwards with the hospital? I was curious to what others experiences was: how it works with taking the NCLEX after the program but wanting to stay on, if you have to go through the rehiring process again or wait for openings before you apply. Were any of you offered jobs in your unit while doing the program? any input is appreciated
  7. heythatsmybike

    Practicum/Capstone Clinical Question

    I was just curious if other students had been told their hospital facilities do not allow them to do any IV pushes, lab draws from central lines or any access to central lines, opioids, sedatives, warfarin/heparin, hypertonic solution, KCL or neuro blocks even with a preceptor present guiding them on their final clinical. It's a hospital wide policy for all nursing students. I understand why some of those drugs aren't given but Im not sure when I'm supposed to learn some of this stuff. Some floors might not be affected by this but I am going to be on an ICU unit and I'm concerned I will not possess the basic skills to work on this unit when I am done if I'm not allowed to do these things when I imagine it's quite common for ICU patients to be on these drugs or have central lines. is this a normal thing? Full disclosure: this practicum I have been selected for is a transition role where they offer you a job at the end and it's designed that you stay/sign a contract to work in that unit which is why I'm ultra confused at why they wouldn't want to train me if I'm staying on after
  8. Can anyone speak to the pay that these new grad positions receive?
  9. heythatsmybike

    38yo male, VERY non-traditional potential nursing student... advice?

    Not all RN's work on floors, and there are other things, well-paying things you could do with this degree so don't let any naysayers try to deter you with the whole poop and pee speech. You sound like you have your heart set on being a nurse and you should go for it. I'm in my 30's and had a prior degree in something else and am in an accelerated BSN program now. There are even 12 month ABSN programs out there once you get your pre-reqs done. Online BSN-DNP programs exist and you could potentially get your BSN and DNP done within 4-5 years if you had most of your pre-reqs done and were super motivated, which it sounds like you are. Best of luck to you.
  10. heythatsmybike

    DePaul MENP question

    Beware that this program does not award a traditional MSN degree. It is a Master of Science degree, which can be a little misleading. https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/is-depaul-menp-1052479.html
  11. heythatsmybike

    Chicago (+suburbs) pay?

    What the above poster said is correct. Neighborhood you live in is everything. Although you are always 5 miles away from Northwestern at any given time, it may take 30-60 minutes of commuting each way depending on where you live and sometimes in the winter, is no way to live. The cost of metra, shuttle from metro to hospital and parking, all of which the university hospitals offer is upwards of $200-300 a month. I worked at Northwestern and although paid very well, could not justify the commuting costs. If you are looking to stay in psych, you would likely get paid very well at Northwestern, U of Chicago or any of the advocate/north shore hospitals. Given you have experience, you may be able to pull off a good salary now that Northwestern has bought out several of the western suburb hospitals.
  12. heythatsmybike

    University of St. Francis

    Are you from Joliet or the Joliet area? Otherwise you will likely be very unhappy here. The school is extremely small, and not in the best neighborhood. Otherwise small school sounds like a lot of invidualized attention right? Not so much. This school is very expensive for the training you get. The school is private and supplies are scarce. Unless you are getting decent scholarship money I would reconsider other schools in the area. Doing clinicals at Presence in Joliet is not fun, especially if you don't plan to work in the area when you are done.
  13. heythatsmybike

    Valparaiso ABSN May 2017

    Hey guys, just wondering who out there have considered or accepted into this program starting next month. I am curious as to the financial aid you have received, if any. This program, like most ABSNs are quite pricey and was just curious as to what anyone thought.
  14. heythatsmybike

    UA MEPN 2017

  15. Abrazel- Did you check out the campus? I was typing my last post from my phone and I meant to write I didn't feel they could handle 60 students. I was curious what your thought was after visiting that campus. It's such a new program and I am nervous to pay 50k+ to a school that has the lowest NCLEX pass rate (this is the traditional MEPN program plus the BSN program in Milwaukee) of the several programs I'm looking at. With that being said, the hybrid version is intriguing to me still, but would still require me to move closer to their campus. Again, the students I've talked to are happy, but have only been in the program a little over a month, so Im curious to hear what your observations were.