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  1. heythatsmybike

    Thomas Jefferson 2020

    This has been something I've seen with a few schools in these forums and it has continued to confuse me. How are applications being reviewed prior to the application deadline in these programs? I understand if the program offers early admission or is on a rolling admission schedule, but most don't so I don't get it. The fact that people in some of these threads are hearing back for interviews prior to the deadline is strange. I would love to poll current SRNA's or recent grads on the schools they heard from/got accepted into and what time of the cycle they applied. For undergrad and my accelerated program that was just unheard of.....I would be told nothing would even be looked at for anyone until the deadline had passed and that was it.
  2. heythatsmybike

    Need Advice on Accused Medication Error

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but given that it was a sore situation for you I would probably change your handle from your name on here and remove your photo.
  3. heythatsmybike

    OHSU DNP CRNA 2020

    I also tried calling and haven’t heard anything. Anyone else hear any updates?
  4. heythatsmybike

    CRNA school with 1 year ICU Experience

    You are right, more experience was never going to hurt my chances, but definitely hinder my plans and put them on hold for more than 2+ years, which Im not willing to do if I could help it. The fact is, schools need their students to pass their program, matriculate and pass boards. If they thought more experience was necessary to achieve that it would be required but it’s not and they graduate and do just fine despite what others may think on here. My original post wasn’t asking for advice if or why I should have more experience before applying, and It seems to be an ongoing debate with threads on here and I didn’t want to do a disclaimer like I see other people doing but it’s getting annoying that others see a post like mine and immediately divert to the whole “one year isn’t enough to make a successful CRNA” manifesto. Like the previous post, If those are your beliefs great, but keep them to yourself unless someone is asking that question on here. To tell a fellow RN that they shouldnt have career goals early on, “the goal is not to be accepted into a CRNA Program” umm what? If my goal is to be a successful CRNA how the hell am I going to achieve that without the goal of getting into a program first?? makes no sense, especially when there is zero things wrong with having career goals early on. I appreciate your response Asherah and you’re right, only we know how ready we are. Hope you get in next summer
  5. heythatsmybike

    CRNA school with 1 year ICU Experience

    I appreciate the reply but I am going to have to politely disagree. If being a strong CRNA required three years of ICU experience, then it would be required by application, but it’s not and I believe that those who graduate and pass their boards are just as good of a CRNA as someone who did three years in an ICU. This implies anyone who has less experience is a subpar CRNA and I am not sure that’s appropriate. Honestly, all I’ve heard from the CRNAs I know is “I wish I did it sooner!” Even with that being said, by the time I would start any program, even if I applied this year, I would be close to that mark by program matriculation....and if I were to wait several more years I will have to retake SEVERAL pre req science courses and the GRE for a lot of these schools which I’ve already completed causing me to lose even more time and money, so With that and being already in my mid 30s Im going for it and applying this year.
  6. heythatsmybike

    CRNA school with 1 year ICU Experience

    Thanks for replying. Yea one of the problems is that getting charge experience probably won’t happen for me here. They have a pretty strict 5 year rule to even apply and that’s even when one opens up which hasn’t in the last 8+ months. Also, we have had only one opportunity for a committee to join since I’ve started and it went again to more experienced nurses so I’m not sure how to boost my resume with these things when it’s become clear I won’t be able to accomplish them within the next 6 months when I would want to apply. I’ve met a handful of 1 year experienced of ICU nurses at these CRNA open houses but I’ve never gotten enough time with them to ask them how they did these things in a year. I will have about 1.5 years in by the time I apply but obviously more by the time I would start but I’m not sure that’s taken into consideration since these schools really can only go on what you’ve done before you’re offered a spot, not after.
  7. heythatsmybike

    CRNA school with 1 year ICU Experience

    Hey All, Just looking to gain some insight from current SRNA's or practicing CRNA's out there. I have tried to find some recent posts but most of the relevant ones are pretty dated. My question is concerning level of ICU experience for admission. I currently work in a Neuro ICU. It's been said that 1-2 years minimum of adult ICU is required on apps, and much debate on here regarding which specialties are most desirable, but I was curious if this still stands currently as applying has gotten more and more competitive over the years. I'm curious to hear from the current grads and students who had 1-2 years ICU experience and getting acceptance, and hell, if you came from Neuro ICU even more so. How in the world did you do it? I work at a level 1 university hospital in a major city, have tons of volunteer experience, CRNA shadowing hours in both outpatient surgery centers and inpatient, but pretty average GPA/GRE scores. Am considering retaking GRE to boost chances and feel very confident in the LOR I will be able to attain, but I am worried that 1.5 years in Neuro ICU and avg GPA is not going to be good enough to compete with other applicants. For what its worth, I'm older and did nursing as as second degree. Did any of you find yourself having to retake classes to meet their arbitrary 5 year mark on pre-reqs or did they waive that for you? I have talked to some schools that don't seem to care and others that want me to re-take a basic statistics course I got an A in because its 7 years old and it needs to be under 5 years, which has made the process even more discouraging.
  8. heythatsmybike

    Transferring ABSNs?

    @hellonurse82, I just private messaged you.
  9. heythatsmybike

    Help.... Can't find a job after nursing school

    Can you name any state that requires that? I can’t find any information that supports that.
  10. heythatsmybike

    Help.... Can't find a job after nursing school

    Not.done.yet, Which states Are you referring to?
  11. My vote is for the Mosbys pharmacology notecards on Amazon. Helpful For visual learners with some cartoony type graphics and pneumonics to help
  12. heythatsmybike

    Help.... Can't find a job after nursing school

    Some hospitals out here won’t even look at your resume until you take the nclex. I know of a few outside Oregon that do. PM me if you want to discuss further
  13. heythatsmybike

    Job Listings with I / II / III after Job Titles

    If you’re a new grad Rush will only accept you as a I. That’s all I really know. Usually that’s what it means but UIC is a little different. Generally It refers to level of experience required for that position and equates with higher pay
  14. heythatsmybike

    Lewis or Loyola? Cant decide.

    I guess it would depend on a few things. You like the idea of starting in the fall with Lewis but you’d likely be in school far longer correct? I’d go with Loyola but another factor would be where you live. Not all clinicals are At the Maywood campus and given Chicago traffic getting up at Dawn to make a 7 AM clinical start time could be pure hell depending on where you’re coming from. if you’re closer to the suburbs I’d say go with lewis even though their clinicals aren’t always in the south suburbs either. Also where are you trying to work when you’re done? I also wasn’t s fan of Lewis layout or the fact you had to take a bunch of classes before you could start (patho, org chem) that other schools didn’t need but that was just me. If you’re good at fast paced and want the clout of Loyola I’d say go with them.
  15. heythatsmybike

    Transfer student

    You have options. Private message me
  16. heythatsmybike

    Transferring ABSNs?

    As Long as you are in good academic standing and can get a letter from your administration stating so there are several schools that will take you but it may require additional time than what you have left because although all of these programs are accredited they’re allowed to get away with varied versions of classes; you may end up taking other classes in addition that you would’ve never wise needed to take in New York City....private message me and we can talk

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