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  1. leah4

    Dominican University advice?

    i was wondering if you get accepted into the school are you accepted into the nursing program as well? i got an acceptance letter from the school not the program itself, but i was wondering what is the next step needed to be taking?
  2. leah4

    Usfca bsn spring 2015 app

    that is really good!! i am planning on taking mine as well on nov 14th. where else have you applied to?
  3. leah4

    Usfca bsn spring 2015 app

    sorry for the misunderstanding, i am not asking anyone to post their personal statement, i am simply asking for how long it took, did you write above the limit, i believe you have to write 2 pg but would you be penalize for writing more than 2 pg. once again sorry for the misunderstanding. also what other places did you guys applied to @mango910 would this be your first time taking the teas test?
  4. leah4

    USFCA Fall 2014 Admission Letters?

    if you dont mind me asking why not apply to SFSU Nursing program? since you are already a student there
  5. leah4

    Usfca bsn spring 2015 app

    hi everyone just wondering if anyone else have applied to UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO BSN SPRING 2015. i know a little early in the game but i recently just applied and i was wondering if anyone else did. also if you dont mind sharing your GPA, VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE, and most especially YOUR PERSONAL STATEMENT. how did you go about your process of writing your personal statement. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL thanks everyone
  6. thanks joanpant for replying back in time. another question for you. what is the traditional BSN? does that apply to all pre nursing student or only to students that went to mount st mary's college for an associate degree only.
  7. i was wondering has the acceptance rate for UoP changed, meaning is getting in difficult. and also what kind of test is required for admission
  8. i am also thinking about applying to Mount St Mary's College and i have two questions in mind hope you guys can help me. i read that they have an entrance exam, can anyone tell me about it, and also how hard is it for a transfer student to get in. thanks alot