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  1. cd365c

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    The worst part of that is actually aspirating a IM shot now is not best practice. The fact the teacher probably is wrong about the concept is shocking.
  2. cd365c

    dont understan DNP

    There is only suggestion to move NP's to a DNP, but there are no laws in place as far as I am aware.
  3. cd365c

    Please Start!

    Yeah, i am not a door matt or someone who just does repetitive adls all day, I am an actual human being you can be friends with.
  4. Thanks, i didn't get it beforehand. This helps me understand!
  5. Is this really the year that NP's will have to get DNPs to practice in the state of Ohio? All I see is master-level schools. It really confuses me when reading about the AACN mandating the DNP and so many schools not adjusting to it. If I were to take a guess, this isn't going to be a state-wide policy for many years to come.
  6. cd365c

    ED techs to start IVs?

    Yeah, i am done with my phlebotomy class and can't do this at my hospital on med surg floors. Damn well upset i spent time and money to learn a skill i can't use
  7. cd365c

    Everyone is going to nursing school

    It is impressive that you are doing all the patient care you do in the hospice setting. I bet that it is good getting to see both sides of mental health and hospice. That way, as an RN, you have many different avenues to consider. Thanks for the detailed response!
  8. cd365c

    All Men Shift

    Yeah, i am not looking forward to OB and L&D clinical
  9. cd365c

    Everyone is going to nursing school

    Now, what exactly do CNAs do in mental health specialties? How would your day be different than at a hospice floor. I can see the result of that attitude even in myself. But, I think that knowing someday I'll be a little higher on the totem-pole helps me cope with the issues I'm faced with daily. Some days I wish I'd wake up and actually want to go to work.
  10. cd365c

    More than a Cog- An Appreciated Cog

    Now that is a great appreciation for all the hard work you do day in and out!
  11. Is it me, or does everyone that works as a nursing assistant want to go to nursing school?! The trend I am noticing is that most nursing assistants are students too ( or soon to be). This is across two magnet hospitals in my area. Yeah, so what if everyone is going to school? My area is going to be a hard place to look for any job that a new grad would actually want. Is working as a new graduate, on a med-surg floor, on day shift even possible? Here is another trend I see. There is a lot of workers that are very unhappy with their current position (that are new grads). The common mentality is: the grass is always greener on the other side. Nursing apparently did not use to be as job saturated of a market and people always unhappy with the current position he or she does. Those are the two things people keep saying on this site. I really am not trying to be hopeless, but there has to be change for the better. I don't want to be treated like I'm replaceable. There needs to be real relationships with coworkers from opposite generations. Managers should establish trust with CNAs and nurses even with a chain of command. Every time I walk into my job, I don't need to see every person scream with body language and affect: I don't want to be here; get me through this day as fast as possible. Friendships should be encouraged and a reality.
  12. cd365c

    A Word to New Nurses

    At the same time, I would say don't ask something that you can figure out yourself. It is far smarter to gear questions towards things you cannot figure out on your own.
  13. cd365c

    I am fed up with PCT position...

    From what I have seen so far, it seems that techs in the ER operate in more of a team environment. Most floors could use some education from the ER. I know it is not as crazy as the ER on the med surg floors, but I have seen plenty of hostile places towards "unfamiliar faces" at work (float nursing assistant). There is no grand fix or perfect environment, but people that really don't want to work at the hospital really make it harder for those that do. I like to have fun with coworkers and joke too!
  14. cd365c

    Burnout or just Cranky?

    Yeah, I relate to the balance issue. Nursing can become all consuming. That is why the boundaries article that came up this last week is so relevant to me. I don't want to be the chronic complainer or person that is burnt-out all the time.
  15. cd365c

    3 Reasons Your Immune System May Not Help You This Flu Season

    I want to believe the combination of a great diet, physical activity, stress management, and living happily would all reduce many of the big issues currently. The environment is forgotten about, though. There are all sorts of chemicals in homes, buildings, etc that are harming are bodies too.
  16. cd365c

    Why Wages Are Stagnant

    I wonder, in general, if nurses make more in the private care setting/ home health versus the actual hospital.

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