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  1. cd365c

    You Might Not Want to Read This

    I am not a nurse yet. But, I would say very few people start out in their dream job. Most people, no matter where he or she starts, have to work hard in their first job to learn where they can go from there. You need to rejoice that you have somew...
  2. cd365c

    Obesity: A disease or a lifestyle

    As stated, it is a MULTIFACTORAL issue. All play a part in the disease, but I think there are psychological processes that reinforce overeating that are the biggest factor in the issue.
  3. cd365c

    Taking Patients down to the Morgue

    Well, I guess it is more common then I thought. Thanks guys.
  4. cd365c

    Workplace Cowardice

    Yeah, I noticed this today at work. My other PCA coworkers did not want to help me do turns for the hospice patients because they had "charting to do". I should have told them that I don't respect them not helping me. Instead, I ******* to the nur...
  5. So, recently the policy changed to have to take patients down to the morgue. What the hell is that ********? Anyone else have to do that?
  6. cd365c

    NA 2 Class or Phlebotomy Class?

    I would go with NA2. Because you are already working in a hospital job, you will be able to do more nursing responsibilities than with just drawing blood. Plus, most hospitals have separate phlebotomists from CNAs.
  7. cd365c

    Beyond Burnout: What is Compassion Fatigue?

    thank you. what a great article!
  8. cd365c

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    The worst part of that is actually aspirating a IM shot now is not best practice. The fact the teacher probably is wrong about the concept is shocking.
  9. Thanks, i didn't get it beforehand. This helps me understand!
  10. Is this really the year that NP's will have to get DNPs to practice in the state of Ohio? All I see is master-level schools. It really confuses me when reading about the AACN mandating the DNP and so many schools not adjusting to it. If I were to ...
  11. cd365c

    ED techs to start IVs?

    Yeah, i am done with my phlebotomy class and can't do this at my hospital on med surg floors. Damn well upset i spent time and money to learn a skill i can't use
  12. cd365c

    Everyone is going to nursing school

    It is impressive that you are doing all the patient care you do in the hospice setting. I bet that it is good getting to see both sides of mental health and hospice. That way, as an RN, you have many different avenues to consider. Thanks for the d...
  13. cd365c

    All Men Shift

    Yeah, i am not looking forward to OB and L&D clinical
  14. cd365c

    Everyone is going to nursing school

    Now, what exactly do CNAs do in mental health specialties? How would your day be different than at a hospice floor. I can see the result of that attitude even in myself. But, I think that knowing someday I'll be a little higher on the totem-pole h...
  15. cd365c

    More than a Cog- An Appreciated Cog

    Now that is a great appreciation for all the hard work you do day in and out!