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  1. kfhllc

    Did I ruin my chances of ever becoming a nurse?

    In my experience, schools do not compare applicant profiles. This may prevent you from attending the particular school you just got into but will probably not have any effect on your application to other schools.
  2. kfhllc

    Suggestions anybody?

    Thank you so much Persephone. The toxicologist who monitors my screens suggested the same thing but I am having trouble getting the state to say they will accept the results of this test. They say, "If a test is not called for in your consent order, then we don't order it and we don't have to take it into account." I am quite sure it will be negative and you've given me that little extra drive to get this test, get a lawyer and see if I can't finish up in two months like I'm supposed to. Be well and I appreciate your expertise...
  3. kfhllc

    Suggestions anybody?

    I am posting with the hope that one of you out there knows what my recourse is. I've been on a five year recovery program and am two months from finishing. I have never had a positive urine. Yesterday, the state called and stated I had tested positive for alcohol. This is crazy, as I don't drink, don't want to drink and alcohol was never my drug of choice. The cutoff for the test is 0.0020 and apparently my result was 0.0034. I strictly avoid foods and medications containing alcohol and cannot come up with a scenario where this would even be possible. They tell me I can be suspended for 45 days and that I might have to restart the program if I want to retain my license. I understand if people are skeptical of my claim, but I really didn't drink! I called the lab to request retesting and they stated they could not as the sample was exhausted during the initial testing and our state does not require split specimens. Help!