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XCT-MOM's Latest Activity

  1. XCT-MOM

    Pearson Vue Trick

    Thank you! !!
  2. XCT-MOM

    Pearson Vue Trick

    Thank you!!!
  3. XCT-MOM

    Pearson Vue Trick

    I just left the testing site from taking the NCLEX RN. Checked Pearson Vue and got the good pop up. Will let you know if the trick truly works in a couple of days!!!
  4. XCT-MOM

    Writing NCLEX RN for the 1st time

    Good Luck!!!
  5. XCT-MOM

    NCLEX 7/31/14

    I have been stalking:specs: this site for a while now. I decided to join due to all of the tips and ideas I have received for conquering this breast known as the NCLEX. I want to thank everyone in advance for your prayers!!!!! This will be my first and last attempt!!!! I will keep you posted.