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  1. asmallangrycermet

    Disrespectful patient

    That's actually really interesting. I have never considered whether the place I'm working has specific laws regarding suicide attempts/ideation. As far as my experience goes, we were usually told that the patient has a 1:1 sitter for the 72hr hold but basically does whatever they like in the mean time.
  2. asmallangrycermet

    UK nurse working in Dubai

    I am currently living in Dubai and am *hopefully* going to start working soon, waiting on registration. Yes, you do need to be married to live together in Dubai. From my knowledge, and someone please correct me if I am wrong, to live together outside of wedlock is considered adultery in the middle east. In saying that, I have also been told that this isn't particularly regulated. My husband and I have different last names and no one has come knocking on my door asking to see my marriage certificate (I carry it with my passport though, just in case > You would have to negotiate with your potential employer regarding the number of working hours per week. I have heard that there are part time positions available, am yet to see any though. It is "easy" to move here as long as your employer is prepared to set you up. When we moved, we had to organise everything ourselves, which was painful, BUT my husband's employer paid for a month in a hotel. You need your visa in order to get a bank account, which you need in order to get a cheque-book, which you need in order to rent an apartment etc. I, personally, am still on the fence about living in Dubai. I certainly do NOT find it oppressive in any way, when I go out I ensure that I am dressed appropriately and have never been harrassed by anyone. It is definitely *different* in the eastern world, as opposed to the western world. Things are done with less urgency here (e.g. our bank account took at least a month to be processed). Regarding hospital accommodation, I believe that, unless you are single, you wouldn't be eligible for it. My husband and I already had an apartment before I applied for any jobs so I'm not 100% on that one though. It would be something to negotiate with your employer.
  3. asmallangrycermet

    Travel to Abu Dhabi or Dubai?? Any advice?

    Are you still thinking about travelling? Dubai is an ok place to live. So far, I have been in limbo for six months attempting to get my hands on a job here in Dubai. I have just been offered one today, fingers crossed it follows through. If you are thinking of coming to a Gulf country, try to secure a contract before you leave where you area already working! If you can find the right employer, the pay is alright and they usually provide accommodation and transport.
  4. asmallangrycermet

    DHCC (Dubai) Nursing Prometric Exam

    I have just been offered a job at a hospital in Dubai Health Care City and, in order to work, I need a DHCC Nursing Registration. Apparently, the new laws surrounding this registration state that everyone needs to sit the prometric exam. Has anyone sat it? Any advice? I have found the whole 'getting a nursing registration in Dubai' a particularly arduous task thus far.