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  1. Thank you so much for taking time to comment on my post, it really helps. I really like your tips on color-coding different things, I will try this and I definitely will do my best to help others out when I have time. It was a bit different in clinicals because although I helped out, the nurse was doing the true nursing stuff (knowing how to prioritize and who comes first...etc).
  2. Hello there everyone. I just signed up with this website and I hope I really enjoy my fellow nursing community : ) I am writing because I am quite excited yet very nervous about starting my first nursing job because I do not have experience as a nurse tech like the majority of my classmates did and therefore I already know I will have more difficulty starting out. Can anyone please give me any advice before I start my job as a brand new nurse??? I could really use some input. Just to give a short introduction, again my name is Stephanie and I graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing with my BSN. I will be working on an orthopedics floor and I heard that the floor manager is a pretty tough cookie. I want to do well and show that I am a hard worker but I am afraid of messing up or not getting the hang of things such as time management....(as this is something I didn't get exposed to not having a nurse tech background) Again any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much everyone.