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    Do you guys not do Access Flow testing? We do ours monthly and it basically tells us the blood flow through the fistula or graft. You can then see monthly trends if the flow is getting slower. If it's coupled with increasing arterial / venous pressures, difficulty with cannulation, or attaining prescribed blood flow then you know it's certainly time for them to see their vasc. surgeon. I can't begin to tell you how many AVF/AVG's have their life prolonged by doing access flow testing.
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    Here is what I know. The field of nursing does not allow time for everything to be done by the book, it is impossible. EVERYONE does shortcuts. Shortcuts such as drawing all your meds at the start of the day, using clamps on every single patient, rinsing back patients the fast way, etc... I think it's good to know the right way of doing things AND know all the shortcuts. Time management is the single most important trait a nurse can have. NOT the ability to do everything by the book. Always know how much time you have for each task and do that task as closest to the P&P with that amount of time. If you have to shortcut, as one of the posters above said, make sure it is still safe for the patient. There is ALWAYS more than one correct way to do things. Look at your situation as a whole and do what you think is best. The last thing you want is have patient crash on you because you ran off to change gloves and wash your hands with soap and water for 15 seconds going between patients.