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  1. Gunit86

    Per diem rates in Phoenix?

    banner per diem (banner staffing services AKA BSS) is between 38-46 an hour. 38hr for med surg only at 1 facility, add another $3hr if you choose at least 3 facilities to float to. any specialties you get another $5/hr. ER, tele, ICU, dialy...
  2. Gateway CC accelerated was my first choice. I believe I turned in my application in June or July 2012 and it was placed in the August 2012 group. So about 2 years wait. I haven't accepted it just yet, because I have been slacking and I still need to...
  3. Would like to clarify that it was Gateway CC, not Glendale
  4. Just got a call today for placement at GCC in the accelerated program. My timestamp was from August 2012. Can't remember the exact time, but it was a very early number like 8:00am and 06 seconds