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  1. Picc line care/flushing

    There certainly are still central lines being used nowadays that still require heparin flushes. Non-solo power PICCs without anti-reflux valves, tunneled PICCs, ports, and IJ's (not really dialysis caths, they use sodium citrate I believe) are some ...
  2. Telemetry-how do I prepare!! :/

    Free ECG Simulator! - SkillSTAT This is a great website I like using to brush up on my rhythms.
  3. You certainly stand a better chance then if those B's were in any of the science pre-reqs. Like the above poster said, it depends on the number and quality of applicants for this particular program as well as how much they weigh other factors, like ...
  4. 500 cc of Vanco/Ns over 2 hours via pump via picc line

    Assuming it's dose adjusted based on the the patients BMI (per pharmacy), there is nothing wrong running that rate of fluid through a PICC, as others have said. Oftentimes I see those 500cc Vanco bags ordered to run in over 1.5 hours, which is an ord...
  5. Too old for BSN?

    You'll look back when you're ~30 and realize how silly a question this is, lol. No, you're definitely not too old.
  6. meds - confused

    500g paracentamol would be over 1500 pills if the dosage came as 325mg tabs. Clearly it was a typo, guys.. whether the OP realizes it or not.. No amount of mucomyst would save that patient.
  7. only guy in my class

    Simply not true, at least not where I work. Act with prudence and professionalism and people will respect the value you bring.
  8. 85 questions shut off and failed!!

    She's absolutely right though..
  9. Nclex mastery app

    I absolutely recommend it. It has tons of quality multiple choice and SATA questions with excellent, easy to understand rationale. I'm not huge on mneumonics but it had a bank full of useful ones as well. Also, the way that you can organize answer...
  10. Does this mean I passed?!

    Sure does, congrats!!
  11. First job - HIV unit

    No need to double glove, it won't save you from a needle stick! Just utilizing universal precautions, being especially cautious with needles, will protect against transmission.
  12. After the longest 49 hours ever, I'm now an RN!

    Congrats! Your story sounds very similar to mine! :)
  13. All the stories I have read indicate that the trick still works and you, unfortunately, have not passed. You can keep hoping it's an error, but I would begin preparing a remediation plan to retake it if I were you. Also, I think it may be against si...
  14. CNA State Test

    Don't forget to pull the privacy curtain! Insta-failed my first attempt back in the day because I forgot.
  15. Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Fall 2014 Applicants

    Try not to be discouraged. I wasted my time and took a few classes at EMU and applied to their accelerated BSN program with a high point value and did not get in. Afterwards, I applied to UDM, began shortly after, and a year later had my BSN with a...