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  1. voni

    IEN LPN bridging to RN

    Hello Looking to connect with IEN who is an LPN/RPN in Canada and wanting to go further getting her RN. Let us discuss. I got my RPN license from CNO in July and still waiting for my RN assessment, but I have decided to apply to schools to see if I will be given an admission to help with my assessment and enable me to write the NCLEX-RN. I have applied to york university, but looking forward to applying to any other school .please share your tots and options. Are there other schools you can advise, please? Thank you
  2. voni

    Nigerian nurses ass. Ontario

    I am interested.Can u kindly let me know how i can reach u?Thanks
  3. voni

    CPNRE Jan-Feb 2018

    I am writing mine in Feb.Going through the clinical nursing skills and technique by Perry & Potter.Studying some prep guides also.I hope these help?
  4. Hello . Has any international Nurse just gone through or applied to CLPNA(College of LPN Alberta) ? How did you go about filling the self assessment forms for IEN .I am having trouble doing this.Please i need a guide. Thank you