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  1. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    Thank you Pippie. I'm sorry to hear about your failure. I know how it feels because I've been through this. The good thing is that you did not lose hope. Yet one should not give up the struggle. I would suggest you take a couple of weeks break from studying to rest your brain. Relax and try to do something different than studying. After that you can then make a schedule for your study. If you can't study at home,go to library. Try to change your study method a little. I think you were very close to pass since you went all the way to 265Q. Just put in some more effort. I believe you will pass next time. The most important thing is to keep praying and never give up. Good luck!!!
  2. phonestRN2014

    NCLEX 7/31/14

    Good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.
  3. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    I'm very sorry . The recent online review I took was Kaplan but it expired a week after my exam. Wish you good luck. You will pass nclex too by God's grace.
  4. phonestRN2014


    Congrats RN. "Hard work is what we have to pay for a meaningful happy life" Good luck in your career:up:
  5. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    TBear_1966, I'm so sorry to hear about your losses...and want to express my deepest sympathy to you. Please don't be scared. Tell yourself I can do it and you will. I read about many people on this site who did not take the NCLEX right after graduation but passed after putting in some efforts. I Know it is not easy but you can do it. My advise to you will be to take one of nclex review class to refresh your knowledge (Kaplan,Hurst, or Excell). If you live in Chicago, or california, Excell review will be my suggestion. Because this review will help you a lot with the contents.They give you questions for practice too. Three weeks course with 6hrs class a day. It helped me a lot. Another things Is nclex is all about prioritization so LaCharity book it is the one use.Very helpful book. The last thing I can say is: If you believe In God, don't stop praying. I believe Prayer plays a big role in succeeding nclex..lol. Good luck. I Know you can do it....
  6. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    Thank you Marrienurses :)
  7. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    Thank you all for replying. I will be glad this can help you guys. And I want you people to know that it is possible to pass nclex even if you run off of time lol... God bless you all.
  8. phonestRN2014

    Glory be to God "Pass nclex-rn on the 3rd try"

    Thank you !:)
  9. phonestRN2014

    Has the good pop up changed a bit?

    Congratulation RN! I took nclex-rn on the 15th and I got the same message. I later checked continentaltesting.net and my status shows "Pass" lol:)
  10. Though I've never posted anything on allnurses,this site help me a lot in my nclex journey. I've read about people experiences and tips for nclex which boosted my strengh and guided me in my study. I graduated on May 3rd 2013 in an ADN program. Although English is not my first language, I did pretty good in my nursing school. I then decided to take nclex ASAP to start my dream career as a nurse. I studied hard for three months using Hesi live review, ATI, Saunders book+cd questions, nclex 4000 and LaCharity. My first Try : I scheduled my 1st exam on August 7th, 2013 8am. I prayed a lot and was very confident. The night before my exam I become nervous and could'nt sleep much. Woke up very early in the morning ,got ready, and pray. I arrived at the test center 45mins before my schedule time.The environment make me feel more anxious. I took the test and computer shuts down at questions 75Q. I was so disappointed when I got the bad pop up on the pvt. I went through all 5 stages of grief. I finally regained my strength and continued my fight. My second try: I used Hurst review, ncsbn review, Saunders, LaCharity, and kaplan trainers 1-7. I then schedule my test on January 21st 11am. I continued my prayers and fasted one week before the test. I took the test and computer shuts down this time at 135Q. Did the pvt and went cc page again. I felt miserable. Loss my hope.All my friends were already working as nurse. Morally and financially broke down. My third try: I used Excell Review,Kaplan, books(Exam cram, LaCharity, Memory note book of nursing vol 2 4th ed, Q&A review for nclex-rn Lippincot's). A ton of prayers(Mostly to St Joseph of cupertino). On Tuesday July 15, 2014(two days ago) I go for nclex for the 3rd time. This time did not rush and think about each question very well, expecting the computer to shut down but it never stop till I run off of time at question 246. I was shaky, dizzy, and left the test center crying. I thought I failed again since I run off time. Today the pvt give me a good pop up and on continentaltesting.net my status change to "Pass". I'm an RN today:) You can do it too.....Never Give up. The almighty God that open me that door, will open it to everyone of you who is in the need. Amen! The key is study hard, believe in God, and be confident. One of my Daily Prayers: O St Joseph of cupertino who by your prayer obtained from God the Grace to be asked at your examination the only preposition you knew, grant that I may like you succeed in my nclex examination. In return I promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked. Through Christ our Lord St Joseph of Cupertino pray for me O Holly Ghost enlighten me O Holly head of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom, enlighten my mind. Amen!!!