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  1. Hi Jessica! My name is Marlene. :)
  2. Hi jessy20! Congrats!! I start August 11th also . Nice to meet you! :)
  3. I went to an open house that they had back in May. I honestly didnt expect a call at all because there were so many applicants but I was sooooooo happy when I got it. :)
  4. Thanks! Thats awesome!! I went into the interview very positive and being my normal bubbly self :). I wore a suit, low heeled closed shoes, hair pulled back in a bun, nails short w/ clear nail polish, and very light make up. The nurse manager asked me alot of open ended questions..the typical why nursing question, what I did in my clinical rotations, how I started my day ect. My advice is to be confident when answering the questions, give examples of past experiences and how you overcame them, do your research on the organization (know their mission statement and values..they love this), oh and ask questions..If I remember anything else, i'll let you know. I heard back in less than a week. Good luck!!! :)
  5. Thanks!! Congrats to you too!! I'm starting August 11th. They told me the first 6 weeks are at Mercy Hospital. How about you?
  6. Hi Everyone! I just got accepted into the New Graduate RN program at Kendall Regional and wanted to know if anyone else has done this program and your experiences (good, bad ect). Also, any advice???? I'm super nervous!!! Thanks! :)