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  1. I'm currently a travel nurse with 2 years clinical RN experience. Nursing was a second career for me and I had 5 years business (market research, product management) experience with an MBA and Bachelor's in Business prior to this. I really enjoy travel nursing but don't want to do it forever (and generally am always trying to plan out the future), so I'm wondering if anyone can offer advice on what directions my career could go, considering my experience. I have researched some options but would appreciate your comments. Thank you!!
  2. Michi66

    Need advice STAT!

    I was also submitted by 2 agencies for my first assignment and it wasn't a big deal at all. If it's a good offer, go with the new agency (yes definitely dump the old one). If you want something else, keep looking!
  3. Michi66

    New to travel nursing

    I also have a house at home but am renting it out (doesn't make up for all of the mortgage, but about 75% of it) (I have always had roommates). I just signed a 3rd assignment for 48hrs/wk, nights, floating in SoCal for a crazy amount of money ($3000/wk), which my recruiter said is very unusual for tele/med/surg, but somehow it's happening (and you have way more experience than me). I'd say rent your house out, even if it's not for the full amount, and start looking. It can all happen very quickly! Even if you can't find many people to rent it, if you find a good assignment, you should try it out. 13 weeks will be over before you know it. And if someone rents it halfway through your assignment, even better, don't even bother going home! It's definitely difficult as I've had to find contractors to do work, \stay with my parents while visiting home, and generally very chaotic to up and move every few months (but I extended to do 6 months total and I've found that helps) but it's been worth it!
  4. Michi66

    Best agency with lots of assignments?

    I mean, I don't really know what to do if that's what they want. I don't really mind filling out the stuff. Gives me a chance to update my resume. And I can't recall but I think the company I'm with now asked it right away. What's the worst outcome with an agency that has these red flags?
  5. Michi66

    Best agency with lots of assignments?

    Ned: just found out this agency does not accept written references. Luckily a nurse I barely worked with at my old job 9 months ago who is now charge nurse and just gave me a good review as my second ref. But yeah, it is a pain. Also, I specifically asked the recruiter "so you can't tell me which assignments are available without filling out the application and the skills check list?" and he said some blah blah stuff about not wanting to quote me stuff that I might not be qualified for, but then gave me some general ideas of pay ranges and hospitals with assignments available. They ended up having a position I am interested in and am being submitted for, so I guess worth the work of switching if I end up getting it! 86711lh: thanks for the tips! I am definitely interested in going to New York next year some time. I did submit my contact info to Cross Country for a posting and got an email confirmation, but never got a call (it's been a little over a day), which is surprising because my current and potential new agencies called me within 10 minutes of submitting. Guess they are too busy at the moment!
  6. Michi66

    UCLA Santa Monica experience?

    Ned: haha yes it's true. Being from MO and first assignment in TX, I'm currently experiencing what all you guys are writing about here. I've heard from agency nurses that the hospital I'm at now has the most breaks though (hopefully break RN at UCLA SM too!). Gonna miss my 1hr 15min break (sometimes I don't even know what to do with it)! Thanks for all your tips! I applied through a company you suggested.
  7. Michi66

    UCLA Santa Monica experience?

    Can anyone share travel experience at UCLA Santa Monica med/surg/tele? I'm considering applying and it's 48hrs/wk float pool. I wanna try to make sure I'm not getting in way over my head. Thank you!
  8. In St. Louis even the big hospitals start you off at about $20-22/hr, so like $35K/yr. As a traveler in med/surg/tele I feel like I can make $60-$70K/year and pay less taxes (in SoCal at the moment) with only 1.5 year experience, so yes, definitely more money compared to St. Louis. It helps to rent the house out and being somewhat frugal when you travel and looking for cheap subleases as you temporary apartment.
  9. Hi all, looking for any wisdom more experienced travelers can offer... I'm finishing up my second assignment in SoCal and am looking to work closer to Los Angeles. My current agency says they're working on being contracted with UCLA and reactivating a contract with Cedars. So far the assignments they have sent me are not ideal. So, I am looking into other agencies, but am tired of switching agencies already! I have switched once, and both agencies have been good, but smaller so I guess doesn't have tons of assignments to choose from. In addition to Los Angeles, I would like to travel to NYC area and Hawaii in the future. Does anyone have agency recommendations based on these locations? I would like to settle with a good agency with assignments to choose from in those areas (wouldn't everyone!?). Thanks!!
  10. Michi66

    Having to delay contract HELP please

    I'm a Canadian citizen and have been on the TN work status before. Have you tried looking into that? It's pretty much a work visa but they don't officially call it that. I think if you have the proper documentation (perhaps your agency can provide it, I think you just need a letter stating job title, pay, etc.), you can just go to the US Immigration office at any US/Canada border and apply in person. RN falls under the approved job titles that qualify for a TN Visa.
  11. Michi66

    Looking for housing in LA, Cali

    I know this is what everyone writes - and I'm sure you've checked - so it might not be super helpful, but CRAIGSLIST. I've taken the housing stipend to save money and have found short term subleases through Craigslist in San Antonio and now Long Beach. It definitely is stressful, and options seem pretty limited, but it's worked out (fairly last minute) in the end. Try the mapview on Craigslist! https://losangeles.craigslist.org/search/sub
  12. Michi66

    Agencies with assignments in SoCal

    I'm with FlexCare at UC Irvine. I did not see any jobs with those other big teaching hospitals (not Long Beach Memorial, or would've jumped on that) when I was receiving job referrals through them.
  13. Michi66

    South Florida to LA

    If you're really set on day shift then I would wait for more assignments to pop up. Agencies always push you to take the first assignment they offer because they're all pushy and want to get you started. I'm a tele travel nurse and most positions I saw in SoCal were nights, but got lucky and ended up with a day shift. For ICU, I would think you'd have more choice. As for money, I agree with Ned. De prioritize that vs a good first assignment. I feel like most agencies' rates are similar for the same position (sounds like you're having that experience). In CA, FlexCare boasts to have the most pay, but their insurance is crazy expensive and don't offer additional bonuses (travel, extra shift, etc. because they're very up front about it "coming out of one big pot of money"), so I feel like it sorta all evens out anyway. Some hospitals pay more than others too. So just focus on where you want to go and what kind of hospital you want to work on, and then look at pay. Sure it's not as much as what travel nurses allegedly made back in the day, but we missed out, and the pay is much better than local pay (at least for me, being from MO and having a tax home)
  14. Michi66

    New Traveler

    My first assignment was in San Anton with TNAA and had a good experience. They paid on time and had good extra shift bonuses (although I only worked 1 extra shift). I feel like the pay was about the same as the other quotes I received. Switched agencies for my second assignment because TNAA didn't have jobs in the location I wanted, and I miss their awesome health insurance!
  15. Michi66

    Freaked out by my recruiter

    No need to be scared!! Recruiters are good at intimidating you into taking their packages and going with their company, but the bottom line is that they need you more than you need them. Just tell them you're trying to get advice. They cannot penalize you in any way. If you don't feel comfortable with your recruiter but want to stay with the company, ask to switch recruiters. Chances are lots of other agencies can offer the same positions at the same hospital, no need to stick with one.
  16. Michi66

    Health insurance for families

    my first agency offered great and affordable insurance for my husband and I. My second agency's plan is outrageously expensive so I bought still pretty expensive private insurance that's crappy. If good insurance is important to you just ask the recruiter about the benefit plans, cost, pay WITH company insurance. They should have all this info at their fingertips. Then you can compare and pick the agency that offers the best!