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  1. lacusc93-1

    Rules for Triage

    My official rule is when you are a triage level 4 or 5, each time you come to ask me about the wait I add 1 hour. After the 4th trip it becomes "I don't know." I work in an ER seeing 300+ patients a day, wait times generally 4-6 hours so it is not ha...
  2. lacusc93-1

    Rules for Triage

    Status dramaticus
  3. lacusc93-1

    Rules for Triage

    I will automatically discredit you when you are texting or on your ipad and telling me this is the worst pain ever.
  4. lacusc93-1

    Rules for Triage

    I refer them to the "concierge" when they ask for that. It is not the Ritz, but it truly does cost more.
  5. This is a legal statement deluxe. The Hospital's Lawyer is in panic mode because that is one helluva Workman's Comp case. They are trying to get out of it, quite obvious.
  6. lacusc93-1

    Common nicknames for hospital items.

    Jackson Juice
  7. lacusc93-1

    My PT called 911

    2 more status enebriatus for etohers Status tweakalotus for the meth heads
  8. lacusc93-1

    Best Mispronunciation?

    Old timers disease in lieu of Alzheimer's. Peanut butter balls in regards to a popular anti-convulsants.
  9. lacusc93-1

    Robin Williams RIP: Coping Mechanism?

    RIP Robin Williams. Truly gifted and you will be missed. Favorite lines "Seize the day, gather ye rosebuds while ye may" Dead Poets Society. With his Psychiatrist beside him "You can't leave here, I'm your Doctor. " Patch- "yes you are but you suc...
  10. lacusc93-1

    Drug Seekers

    Hypohydromorphonemia is our favorite diagnosis.
  11. lacusc93-1

    What's the scariest thing you've ever seen as a nurse?

    Pa's taking care of ICU and sick kids in our ER. Should never happen.
  12. lacusc93-1

    B52 cocktail

    How about straight Geodon or Zyprexa? Quite effective.
  13. lacusc93-1

    Do Nurses Get Traffic Tickets?

    In California the CHP will ticket their own parents. Local agencies can be a bit more lenient especially if you work Er. As previously mentioned don't count on it.
  14. lacusc93-1

    Capnography help

    We send people home after IV narcotics with great regularity. Capnography is a bit of overkill. Only for intubation and conscious sedation.
  15. lacusc93-1


    None they have the CNA do it