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  1. I have been an ICU nurse for a little over a year. It’s the only specialty I’ve worked in since graduating with my BSN. I’ve always been interested in mental health and have made it a focus in my practice as an ICU nurse to collaborate with the ICU providers to incorporate treatments to address mental health conditions and the development of ICU delirium during their stay. I am now at the point where I want to pursue my specialty of desire and have been hired at a behavioral health facility PRN. Working PRN, I won’t have an extensive training period beyond just the week long orientation to the units. With no psychiatric nursing experience, will I be able to enter this role and transition with minimal training and orientation? I care for a lot of patients with mental health illnesses in the ICU but I have never worked in a behavior health facility and I am for the most part unfamiliar with the structure of their treatment in these facilities. Will this be a difficult transition? Will I need to request an extended training period? How many training shifts would be adequate for a new psychiatric nurse to function independently? Thank you!
  2. Fursan

    Online Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs

    Thank you for your input! It seems like an on-campus program would be much more organized in providing you with those resources and possibly a simulation lab to practice those skills.
  3. I am currently working as an ICU nurse and applying to some ACNP programs at this time. I feel that I would prefer an on-campus program, but I have do have some interest in the online AG-ACNP program at UT Arlington due to its flexibility and the ability to continue to work full time. Although, I do have some concerns with attending a fully online program for this specialty, such as is there adequate skills training/simulations for procedures such as intubations/central line placements? How can this be done if the program is fully online? I understand there will be clinical hours done in the hospital setting, but what about skills training in the academic setting? Is there anyone that can weigh in on this? Much appreciated!
  4. Fursan

    Wolford College CRNA February 2016 entry

    Is there anyone that wouldn't mind sharing their credentials to their acceptance? Such as their gpa, gre, and experience. I only have a 3.1-3.2 gpa in my BSN and I am curious to see if admission is possible with a competitive enough GRE score.
  5. Fursan

    NP school advice

    Thanks for replying. I am interested in applying to some Texas schools like TWU, UTA, and Texas Tech. Are you doing an online program? And are you working full time while going to school?
  6. Fursan

    NP school advice

    I would appreciate any advice someone could give me about entering FNP school. I graduated my bsn with a 3.2 overall and 3.0 science. I got a 305 on my gre 4.0 writing. I worked as a ICU nurse for one year and got my ccrn. What are my chances in entering an fnp program. Thanks.