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  1. Now it let me send it. Check ur PMs
  2. Its not letting me respond a messace keeps popping up in red saying error occured
  3. Nurse2bRN09

    Shelton State '16 ADN

    Hi. Does anyone on here have anyone helpful study tips or resources you reccomend for fundamentals of nursing ? First test coming up soon on communication/Maslow
  4. Nurse2bRN09

    Lawson State Nursing Program

    Hi. Does anyone on this discussion have any helpful study tips or study resources for fundamentals of nursing ? First test tomorrow on communication/maslow
  5. Hi. Does anyone on here have anyone study tips, or anything online as a study guide for fundamentals? First test tomorrow on communication/maslow
  6. Again? What semester are u in ?
  7. I only saw 2 slots on the ESS website to upload the documents for. Idk. Im gonna scan everything. Lol. I was talkin about the yellow form. The health data sheet. But I know I have to scan the green form, and cpr
  8. Even the health data sheet that ask all the questions
  9. So I need to have everything scanned to ESS prior to mu background an drug screen or it doesnt matter ?
  10. Okay do just scan everything to them instead of fax? And I think I got a flu shot last year but cant remember wonder how can I find that out I cant rem if I got it at my job or not last year. The doctor that did my physical told me that when I do gett my flu shot I can attach it or just give it to them whenever I guess
  11. Hey. Everyone who got accepted into the program what are the next steps after drug screen an background? The payment still hasnt cleared in my account yet so Im guessing after payment goes thru they will send another email and what are you all doing about the flu shots since they donthave them in right now
  12. Nurse2bRN09

    Shelton State '16 ADN

    Hi, everyone I forgot to say that I got accepted into Lawson. I am so happy but its the bessemer campus which I prefer anyways. Super excited
  13. That is great ! Congratulations. I wish I had gotten accepted to the RN but was offered LPN I accepted because I know Im going right back for my RN and LPN is only 3 semesters. You have to get in where u fit in an plus God knows best. You were rejected those times simply because God knew when you were going to be ready. You kept your faith and didnt give up!! Congrats again!! You are going to do great.
  14. It will. What all did u say u had left to take again? Atleast now u have time to get everything together. Make a higher score on TEAS take some small classes to get your gpa as high as you can and finish your science classes with an (A) if u already havent and take the HPS for the extra points and when you apply next year you will know for sure that you will get in without any doubts
  15. I thought I wrote back. Sorry. But no it was all in one letter saying congratulations bessemer campus has accepted you into the practical nursing program along with immunizations that need to be done, uniforms. Etc