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  1. Freddy614

    Nursing EXAM CPRNE

    Hi everyone! I have my temp license and have been working as a PN for 4 months now and am nervous about my exam coming up in a month. For those of you that wrote the licensing exam any tips? Also, may I ask that you include study tips (what to focus on and how you prepared)? Thanks, Freddy
  2. Freddy614

    Where the heck are all the jobs?

  3. Freddy614

    Where the heck are all the jobs?

    Wow, I had no idea that new grads were so terrible! Just a question though, you ladies were new grads once upon a time too, right..... New grads do need mentors but I do understand your frustration. Yes, I agree that they should be better prepared.
  4. Freddy614

    Where the heck are all the jobs?

    I just do NOT understand how Alberta has the graduates from the practical nursing program with the highest scope of practice, the population is constantly increasing and there is an oil boom once again, BUT.... health care seems to get so, so, so...... overlooked. Wait until you or your loved one is sick and in the hospital.....then people will see that there needs to be more nurses. Why is this happening?
  5. Freddy614

    Where the heck are all the jobs?

    Thank you all so much for the feedback. It's nice to know that there are others in the same boat as me... I did my research and believed the hype......dog-gone-it! I am regretting my choice to be a nurse now because it's hard to be a nurse without a job.....
  6. Freddy614

    Where the heck are all the jobs?

    Hi there, I am a new graduate of the Practical Nurse program at NorQuest College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was told before entering the program that LPNs are in high demand and I did my research and was assured that there would be plenty of jobs available after my graduation. Well I am pretty frustrated because I have noticed that there are at least 3 - 4 times the amount of jobs for Registered Nurses as there are Licensed Practical Nurses. Is the market severely over saturated now? What is happening? I have been promised countless times that there would be more LPNs hired but the numbers are all the evidence to the contrary....I am so worried about my future and the student loans that I have to pay. I have already applied to over 20 positions and not a single call back! I have a great GPA and have excellent recommendations and even won several awards in the nursing program. Did I make a mistake entering this field? Please offer some feedback.... Thanks so much...

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