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  1. FutureRN828

    Worried about getting accepted with Petty theft charge

    Did they say anything about it popping up on your fingerprints? I’m kinda going through the same thing. Last year I was giving a friend a ride to work and we got pulled over and there was weed in the car we were both arrested but the case ended up being dismissed but it showed up on my FBI fingerprints for Chamberlain. What do you think my chances are of still getting in? I’m so worried.
  2. FutureRN828

    Misdemeanor on background check for Chamberlain College of Nursing

    What happened after it got flagged? Did you still get in?
  3. Hello. I am looking to start my pre reqs in the Fall at WCCCD. I was just wondering what do you suggest is the best set of pre req to take for the first semester. I am no stranger to hard work I just don't want to overwork myself first semester. I am working and I have a one year old son. So what do you guys suggest. Thank you in advance