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  1. Juliafromfaraway

    Online Prereqs

    I'd love it if people who did online lab (and were accepted to other schools with it!) could post the links? I only see online labs at JHU and they are expensive. I've been writing to individual schools to ask if online labs would be OK and several have said yes.
  2. Hello everyone, Im so glad to have found this lovely, supportive board to help me through my journey towards becoming a nurse! I'd really appreciate advice. First, a bit about me (sorry to repeat for those of you who read my other post) - I am a 27 year old American who has been overseas for many years. I have been working in public health since I was 21 and currently run a big public health program in Papua New Guinea, where I live. I have a BA in Government from a university in Israel and a Masters from the UK. I've been so inspired by the work of the amazing nurses I've met in my last two postings (here and in Uganda), and I know that this is what I want to do. I have some savings, and have about 14 months left on my current contract which I can extend. My job is very demanding but I do have some spare time in evenings and weekends. I'm single with no kids. I want to do an ABSN in the US, probably in the NYC / NJ area where I grew up. Im lucky to have really good undergrad grades (equivalent of 4.0). I had no science courses at all in undergrad, and only economics focused statistics classes, so need to take all my pre reqs. I'm confused by the variety in pre requisites required by different nursing schools - how do you chose which ones you do? I've made a spreadsheet with all of my preferred schools and so many have courses that arent requested by the others, so I'm really feeling confused on which to prioritize. For example, Pace University is the only school requiring PSY 100, do I really dedicate whole semester of online study to that if its possible they will reject me? Im planning on doing pre reqs all online (using JHU for the lab ones, as they have an online lab) over the next 18 months - 2 years. I really dont have an in-classroom option. I'll then apply to a schools one by one as I finish the required pre reqs. Has anyone done it this way, and if so have they been successful? Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it.
  3. Juliafromfaraway

    Has anyone done their pre reqs while out of the US?

    Thank you both so much for taking the time to respond! I have spent the last few years working with very remote health facilities in the developing world (no doctors, no plumbing, unreliable supplies, no waste disposal facilities, no electricity, sometimes no road!), and its the dedication of those incredible nurses that makes me want to do this. Its great to hear from people who have already made my dream a reality. I'm glad to know that the GPA is important - I was very earnest in my undergrad and have a 4.0, though not a single science course so I will need to go back and do all pre reqs. Im most worried about doing online courses using third world internet and not being able to do real labs - though I know a few virtual labs are out there. I'd love comments from anyone else out there who has done similar :)
  4. Hello everyone! Im just starting to get my head around deciding whether to go back to school to become a nurse on an accelerated program. I'm 26 and American, and have been living abroad since I was a teenager. I've been working in public health policy and management for a few years, previously in Africa and now in Papua New Guinea. I'm essentially as far away as a girl can be! I'm planning to go to school in New York or New Jersey so I can spend some much overdue time with my parents. I have a BA and a Masters, both in social sciences so I need to go back to do all of the pre reqs. Ideally I'd like to do all of them in the next 12-18 months - has anyone been able to do that while working full time? I'm worried about doing all online courses - will they be frowned upon by admissions? Will my unusual work history be an asset or a barrier? Will I feel like a fossil starting nursing school at 28? Would love any advice! thank you