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  1. pyromaniaclspawn

    Moving provinces for a new job

    I've looked into Southern Manitoba, but it's likely I will settled in Northern Saskatchewan. I'm from Ontario and I have a general feel for the job market there. After a brief comparison of wages across the provinces (sorry territories), seems like Alberta and Saskatchewan are comparable to the wages in Northern Manitoba so I won't be taking a significant pay cut to leave.
  2. pyromaniaclspawn

    Moving provinces for a new job

    I've been living and working in rural Manitoba for 5 years now and I'm looking for a change now. I've been looking more south of where I currently am and have started looking into different provinces. I don't think I can go back to work in the city, but would definitely love to be closer to one. Any one else in a similar situation?
  3. pyromaniaclspawn

    Moving away for a job..

    I accepted a job offer in Manitoba (I live in Ontario) and I am expected to start by the end of July. Does anyone have any similar experiences in which they moved for a job? Would you be able to share your experiences?