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  1. samlauren96

    Thinking LPN

    So lately I have been thinking about going into the LPN program. Is it a good choice? Do they make enough money to live on? I live in Tulsa, OK and would like to know the range of salary in the surrounding areas. Thank you!
  2. samlauren96

    Dreading the Years

    Okay so I am really excited to do nursing school and everything but lately I have just felt really discouraged and I feel like school will never end. Like I'll never be able to just go to work. I know it will be worth it but years keep passing and it is just really getting to me. I want to just fast forward through basics and nursing school. Any advice to make me feel better about it?
  3. samlauren96

    TCC Nursing Program

    So I'm starting my prerequisites for the nursing program at TCC and I was wondering if anyone on here has graduated from the same program. If so, how did you like? Can you give me some tips to be successful in the program? Where do you work and how's your pay? Thanks!!
  4. I am a first time nursing student starting this fall. The school says not to work more than 20 hours a week while in nursing school, but i cant afford not to work more than that. Would it be a bad idea to work more than the 20 hours a week? Are there any tips for nursing school?

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